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Are you curious about whether the women’s clothing shop ssunu.com is worth your time and money? Don’t worry, because today we will be answering the burning question: Is SSUNU a legit company? I will dive into the details from my personal experience as a shopper to a complete review of their clothing. Keep reading for one of the most thorough SSUNU reviews on the internet!

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Table of Contents


In this section of the SSUNU review, I will go over general brand information, their policies, and more. Keep reading to get the details!

Who is SSUNU? According to their About page, the brand was created in 2015 by a small team of young entrepreneurs seeking to make a difference in the fashion industry. With factories in South Carolina producing clothing for major brands and celebrities, the company realized that there was an opportunity to provide high-quality clothing directly to customers, at a fraction of the usual price. By setting up an unbiased platform for independent designers, Ssunu allows customers to bypass the usual chain of middlemen, while still having access to the latest designs in the market. In the last ten years, the team behind Ssunu has made it their mission to bring smiles to customers by providing quality products, as well as providing small businesses and independent designers with a wider audience to show their products.

Brand FAQs

What is SSUNU’s seller name, and do they run any other online stores?  The seller name shown on my PayPal account is Dress Fashion. Dress Fashion also operates Valanio, NNESI, Ryabe and Orwyy (click on the linked brands to see my review). There may be others, and I will continue to update as I make purchases.

What is SSUNU’s legal business name? According to their Contact page, their legal business name is listed XBP International LTD.
Read my note here (in the table of contents, click Business Practice Qs and see #6) for further explanation on legal business names and how they could differ from the store’s name, and seller name.

What does SSUNU sell & do they carry plus sizes?  They list categories for women’s tops, dresses, swimwear, sweaters, cardigans, two-piece sets, and more. They do not appear to sell any bottoms (outside of the sets). They do not appear to carry plus sizes at this time.

Where is SSUNU located & what is their business address? According to their Contact page, they are located in the United Kingdom. Their business address is – XBP International LTD, 145-157 St. John Street, London, England, England, EC1V 4PW. This business address was also used by a company called Hoseill.
Read my note here (in the table of contents, click Business Practice Qs and see #2) for further explanation on the use of virtual addresses.

Where is SSUNU’s clothing made & where does their clothing ship from? According to their product pages, all of their clothing is made in South Carolina (United States). However, both items in my order do not state on their care labels where they were made. My package came from a warehouse in Jamaica, New York (United States).
❌ Read my note here (in the table of contents, click Shipping Qs and see #1) for further explanation on the different locations that come into play when you place an order.

How long has SSUNU been in business? Their business began in 2015. However, according to a domain age-checking tool, their website was created in 2021.

Is SSUNU a sustainable brand? According to their About page, they have positioned themselves as a socially responsible market player. The company pays special attention to the welfare of employees in the fashion industry and partners only with brands that offer fair treatment and salaries. In addition, Ssunu donates part of its revenue to charities in order to address the issue of extreme poverty in various parts of the world. In the clothing creation process, they support the use of recyclable materials to promote sustainable fashion. However, due to their complete lack of transparency regarding their alleged sustainability efforts, they likely are greenwashing as a sales tactic. This leads me to believe that they are a fast fashion company.

❌ Read my note here (in the table of contents, click Business Practice Qs and see #4) for further explanation on sketchy sustainability claims.

Also, check out this article by Panaprium which details ways to know if a brand is fast fashion.

Accepted Payments

Plus all major credit/debit cards.

Shipping Policy

The below times and costs are based on living in the United States. Please refer to their complete policy for all other applicable countries.

  • Processing Time:  The time between placing the order and shipping out my order was 6 days (based on tracking information since they never emailed me that the order shipped).
  • Shipping Time: 35 business days
  • Shipping Cost: $14.99 for subtotal under $79, or free shipping for subtotal over $79

View Ssunu’s Full Shipping & Delivery Policy

Return Policy

You will need to contact their support email with your order number and the items you want to return within 30 days of receipt. They will only accept a return if the items have quality problems. Once approved, they will provide you with a return address. They will only approve a return if the product has quality problems.

All returned products must be in their original condition, unworn, unwashed, and with the original tags attached. A completed return/exchange authorization form should be included with the returned package and the tracking number of the package should also be provided to their support email. Once Ssunu receives the package, an email notification will be sent to you and the refund process will be completed within 7 business days.

You must cover the return shipping cost.

View Ssunu’s Full Return & Refund Policy

❌ SSUNU, Valanio, Orwyy, and NNESI are all the same seller. I had no issue returning or getting refunds for the items I didn’t like from all of these shops except for NNESI. They told me they cannot accept returns if there is no quality issue.

Support Info

  • Email: service@ssunu.com
  • Number: +44 7482875871 (United Kingdom)

❌ I tested the phone number using a VoIP call service, and the number is unreachable. Read my note here (in the table of contents, click Shipping Qs and see #5) for further explanation on fake phone numbers.

Social Media

Click on the icons to see SSUNU’s social media pages. 

SSUNU Site Check

In this section of the SSUNU review, I will state my findings regarding possible duplicate or copied content on pages that are expected to be unique, using plagiarism-checking software. Here is what was found:

  • SSUNU’s About Page View Full Report
    • SSUNU’s About page has similar content to the following sites – mccoyn.com
  • SSUNU’s Product Review Page View Full Report
    • One of SSUNU’s product review pages has similar content to the following sites – deb-shops.com | aruba.desertcart.com | amazon.com (Milumia brand)

      Read my note here (in the table of contents, click Website Content Qs and see #2) for further explanation on the use of fake customer reviews and how to spot them.

Read my note here (in the table of contents, click Product Qs and see #3) for further explanation on why you might find duplicate product images and page info on other sites.

My Order

In this section of the SSUNU review, I will go over the details of my order from what I purchased to the return status. Keep reading for more!

Order Summary

I ordered the below items on 3/18/2023. My shipping address is in North Carolina, United States.

  1. White Colorful Abstract Floral Print Tank Top
  2. Nice Knowing You Jogger Set

Item: White Colorful Abstract Floral Print Tank Top

  • Color: White
  • Size: S
  • Subtotal: $32.99

Item: Nice Knowing You Jogger Set

  • Color: Ivory
  • Size: M
  • Subtotal: $51.99

Subtotal $84.98
Discount -$4.25

Total $80.73 USD

ssunu my order desktop
ssunu my order mobile

How I Paid

  • I paid with PayPal.
  • I sent a payment of $80.73 USD to Dress Fashion (service@indiefit.com).
  • The charge will appear on my credit card statement as “PAYPAL *DRESSFASHIO”.

Email Notifications

I received the following emails from SSUNU once I placed my order:

  1. Order Confirmed email on 3/18. This email contains my order number.
  2. Did Ssunu Deliver? email on 4/5. They are asking for a review.

❌ I never saw a shipping confirmation email come through, so I was unable to track my order.

How Long It Took to Arrive

  • Order placed on Sat, Mar 18
  • Order shipped on Tues, Mar 28
  • Order received on Sat, Apr 1

Total time of 14 days

Delivered, Front Door/Porch
(My Address)
April 1, 2023, 12:57 pm

Out for Delivery
(My Address)
April 1, 2023, 6:10 am

Arrived at Post Office
(My Address)
March 31, 2023, 11:43 am

Accepted at USPS Destination Facility
(My Address)
March 31, 2023, 10:28 am

Shipment Received, Package Acceptance Pending
(My Address)
March 31, 2023, 7:08 am

Departed Shipping Partner Facility, USPS Awaiting Item
BUTNER, NC 27509
March 30, 2023, 11:10 am

Picked Up by Shipping Partner, USPS Awaiting Item
March 28, 2023, 8:42 am

Arrived Shipping Partner Facility, USPS Awaiting Item
AVENEL, NJ 07001
March 28, 2023, 8:40 am

What I Received

I received two items in one package, and the package came from a warehouse in Jamaica, New York (United States). The items match what is on my order confirmation email.

ssunu package route

❌ On 6/20, I checked the tracking number and shipping history for valanio.com (same seller as SSUNU). A message (shown in the image below) displayed on USPS’s site saying that counterfeit postage was used. In short, senders that use counterfeit postage on packages have not paid for the delivery and typically use invalid return addresses. Read this Counterfeit Postage FAQ by USPS for more information.

valanio counterfeit shipping

Order & Package Images

Click on the thumbnails below to see the whole image.

Return & Refund

  • Return requested: I emailed support to request a full return on April 2nd.
  • Return approved: My request was approved on April 3rd, and I was provided the return address. I had to ask for the address four times.
  • Return package mailed:  I did not return my items. I agreed to keep the items and accept a $70 refund (I paid $80.73). Based on the return shipping cost, I felt this was a fair amount.
  • Refund received: I received $70 (partial refund) back to my PayPal on April 4th. (See image below)

Total time from request to refund: 2 days

(Me) Sun, Apr 2


I would like to return both items in my order. (I attached images of the items I received)

(Ssunu) Sun, Apr 2

Dear customer:

Could you mind telling us the return reason?

Best regards,

Ssunu 24/7 Service Team

(Me) Sun, Apr 2


I decided I don’t like the items.



(Ssunu) Sun, Apr 2

Dear customer:

How about USD $25? Maybe you can give the item(s) to your friend and your family or you can sell it/them to someone else. Could you accept it?

Best regards

Ssunu 24/7 Service Team

(Me) Sun, Apr 2


I paid way more than that. Please provide the return address so I can get a full refund.

Thank you,


(Ssunu) Mon, Apr 3

Dear customer:

How about US$40 as compensation, could you kindly keep the item(s)? If you still want to return it, you have to know that you need to pay for the return postage.

(Me) Mon, Apr 3

I’m fine to pay return postage. $40 is not enough. Please provide the return address.


(Ssunu) Mon, Apr 3

Dear customer:

We can offer the best refund of US$60 for your order as compensation. Could you accept it? If not, you can return them at your cost. Here is the return address: 14709 182 ND ST Springfield Gardens, NY 11413

(Me) Mon, Apr 3


If you offer $70 USD, I will accept. Otherwise, I will ship it to the below address.

Thank you,


(Ssunu) Mon, Apr 3

Dear customer:

We refunded you, please check the account that you used to place the order in a few days.


End of Emails

ssunu paypal return
ssunu paypal return mobile

SSUNU Clothes Reviews

In this section of the SSUNU review, I will provide my body measurements for reference, along with detailed reviews of the clothing I ordered. Keep reading for more!

female measurements template

Body Measurements


  • Shape– Hourglass
  • Height– 5’5” | 165 cm
  • Weight– 148 lbs | 62.5 kg
  • Dress Size– S-M | 6-8
  • Bottoms Size– M-L | 8-10 | 29-30
  • Top Size– S-M | 6


  • Shoulder– 15.4 in | 39 cm
  • Chest– 36.2 in | 92 cm
  • Arm Length– 22.4 in | 57 cm
  • Waist– 29.9 in | 76 cm
  • Upper Hip– 39.2 in | 99.5 cm
  • Lower Hip– 41 in | 104.1 cm
  • Inseam– 28 in | 71 cm

1) White Colorful Abstract Floral Print Tank Top

Description: This SSUNU tank top is adorned with a dotted abstract floral garden print. It is made from a blend of 65% cotton and 35% elastane. The tank top has a simple and modest round neckline and is sleeveless. The uneven hem gives it a bohemian flair, and it can be easily paired with jeans or cutoffs for a laid-back and stylish look.

  • Color: White
  • Size: S
  • Cost: $32.99
  • Quality: The quality is okay.
  • Fit: It fits a bit small.
  • Value: This top is overpriced. I would pay $20 at the most. 

Click on the thumbnails below to see the whole image.


  • The wavy hem is unique and looks nice.
  • The pattern is beautiful and is dyed into the thread (not screen printed or anything surface).
  • Nice wide set straps and generally flattering.


  • The material is very thin.
  • The upper portion is a little bit tighter than I would like.

2) Nice Knowing You Jogger Set

Description: This SSUNU loungewear set features a long-sleeved plain turtleneck top. It has gold button accents on the sleeves. It comes paired with ultra-skinny joggers with an elastic drawstring waistband and side pockets.

  • Color: Ivory
  • Size: M
  • Cost: $51.99
  • Quality: The quality is bad.
  • Fit: It fits a bit small.
  • Value: This set is VERY overpriced. I would pay $25 at the most. 

Click on the thumbnails below to see the whole image.


  • None


  • This is extremely cheaply made. Just touching it, I can tell it is cheap.
  • It is see-through (the bottoms especially).
  • The top is shapeless and generally unflattering.

Q&A – My Overall Experience

In this section of the SSUNU review, I will answer both general and specific questions regarding the company, my order, and my experience as a customer. Keep reading for more!

📦 Order Related

  1. Did the order arrive on time and as expected? Yes, the package arrived within the estimated time frame, and the items arrived as expected.
  2. Did they let you know when the items shipped and did they provide a tracking number? No, I never received an email letting me know the items shipped.
  3. What is the general quality of the items ordered? Based on my order, I would rate the quality 2.5 out of 5 stars. The quality of SSUNU’s clothing is below average.
  4. How accurate is the sizing based on the items ordered? Based on my order, the clothing runs slightly small.
  5. Were there any issues or discrepancies with the payment? No, my PayPal was charged the expected amount.
  6. Does the clothing have brand tags and sufficient care label information? No, neither item has Ssunu tags and both care labels do not state where they were made.

📧 Support & Return Related

  1. Was the return request approved? Yes, it was approved in 1 day and they provided the return address.
  2. Was customer service helpful and did they offer any return/refund alternatives?
    Yes, support was helpful and very responsive. They did offer that I keep the items for a partial refund.
  3. What country is the return address in and what was the return cost? The return address that they provided to me is in the United States. They ended up giving me a partial refund in order to keep the items. This would have been close to the same cost of paying for shipping.
  4. Was the refund successful? Yes, I received the agreed-upon refund amount on April 4th.
  5. Did support reach out about any issues with the order? No, there were no issues with the order.

🌐 Company & Site Related

  1. Are they sustainable? I do not believe that they are sustainable despite claiming to be.
  2. Are their prices fair and are they affordable? Based on my order, I think they charge too much for the quality. Affordability-wise, the clothing is overall slightly expensive. The average cost of a top (based on their best-selling list) is around $39.
  3. Is there anything important to know regarding any of their policies? Their return policy states that they only accept returns if there is a quality issue. I had no problem returning/getting a refund for the items due to preference, however, I did encounter push-back with NNESI (they are the same seller as SSUNU). Double-check the return policy with customer service before purchasing.
  4. Do they offer free shipping and other discounts? Yes, they offer free shipping for over $79. They do have coupons available.

Final Verdict

In this section of the SSUNU review, I will answer whether this company is legitimate and if I recommend that others shop here. Keep reading for more! Note: If my purchased items arrive, I am able to return the items successfully, and I receive a refund in the agreed-upon amount, I am deeming the company legitimate. However, if any criminal activity is discovered, I will deem the entire company (and all stores under that seller) fraudulent.

Is SSUNU Legit or a Scam?

This company is a SCAM. I discovered that they use counterfeit postage by checking the tracking log for valanio.com (the seller is Dress Fashion; they also operate SSUNU). The use of counterfeit postage is a federal crime. DO NOT SHOP HERE or at any of their other stores. These are the other stores that Dress Fashion runs (that I am aware of):

  • valanio.com
  • nnesi.com
  • orwyy.com
  • ryabe.com

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