What Color Is Apricot in Clothing?

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By Isabela Kronemberger

Apricot is one of the trendiest colors of the season and there is something so timeless and romantic about its warm, delicate hue. Whether you’re looking to create a feminine, girly outfit or simply trying to incorporate some brightness and light into your wardrobe, apricot is a great option. Not only is it versatile, but it can also bring a pop of unexpected color to any ensemble. But what exactly is the color of apricot? What different shades and variations can be found? And how can we best style it with other colors? Let’s explore.

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What Color Is Apricot in Clothing?

The official hex color for apricot is #FBCEB1. You can think of it as a muted peach between yellow and orange, with subtle tones of pink, coral, or gold.

The range of apricot hues available can vary significantly, ranging from light and pale shades to medium apricots, and deep, dark tones. The exact hue depends on the fabric and dye used to produce the garment, and whether or not the item has been treated with bleaching, brightening, or other techniques.

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What Are Common Color Variations of Apricot?

Since apricot can mean different shades and tones, it goes by many different names. So you may be wondering, what colors are apricot close to? Here are ten similar colors you may come across as you shop.

1. Peach – One of the most popular alternatives for apricot, the peachy tone is close in hue.

peach color

2. Salmon – Often found in bright salmon-pink colors, apricot and salmon share similar undertones.

salmon color

3. Rust – Often describing colors in between brown and orange, the hue of apricot can often have rust undertones.

rust color

4. Melon – Generally slightly brighter than apricot, this sweet-sounding name gives off similar tones.

melon color

5. Terracotta – Red undertones often accompany this more darkly colored version of apricot.

terracotta color

6. Sunset – Similar in color to a stunning sunset sky, apricot tones can reflect a dreamy, sunset glow.

sunset color

7. Saffron Mango – Perhaps brighter and more yellow in shade, mango can closely resemble apricot tones.

saffron mango color

8. Coral – Generally speaking, this color could be slightly lighter in hue, but still give off the same soft feel of apricot.

coral color

9. Blush – On the more subtle and pink-toned side of apricot, blush describes a light apricot hue.

blush color

10. Champagne – Similar to apricot but with a slightly lighter yellow undertone, champagne describes an elegant color choice.

champagne color

What Colors Go With Apricot?

It’s easy to be overwhelmed when deciding what colors to pair with apricot in fashion, but when done correctly, it can result in a beautiful, striking combination. When choosing complementary colors to accompany apricot, there are some tips and tricks that will help you find the right hue.

If you’re looking to play it safe and have an understated but timeless color combination, neutrals such as black, white, tan, or ivory make a great pair with apricot. The lighter and more subtle the neutral, the better; pale tan or ivory will work especially well with a warm apricot tone.

However, if you want something more dynamic, you can play with a few other hues. Greens such as moss, mint, olive, or emerald look beautiful with apricot, adding a fresh pop of color. Apricot also pairs nicely with warmer tones, like orange, rust, coral, mustard, and terracotta. Teal and navy are two strong blues that are a surprisingly perfect accompaniment for apricot. And for a chic, classic look, try pairing apricot with deep, muted tones such as grey, aubergine, and plum.

Whatever you decide to pair apricot with, make sure you mix up the textures too; leather, velvet, cotton, or lace will create an interesting depth to any look. Above all else, the key to pulling off a successful combination with apricot is to keep your eye on the balance.

Are Apricot and Beige the Same Color?

apricot vs beige

These two colors are often confused with each other – apricot and beige. Even though they might appear to be similar shades at first glance, there are actually quite a few key differences between them.

Apricot is a warm, golden shade of yellowish orange that is lighter than peach but slightly darker than tangerine. It is sometimes mistaken for beige, but it has more of a golden undertone and its lightness also helps to distinguish it from other colors. Beige, on the other hand, is a cool, earthy shade of yellowish brown. Its lack of vibrancy makes it appear quite muted in comparison to apricot, and it also has more of a neutral tone that can be easily paired with many different colors.

When trying to decide between apricot and beige, it’s important to take note of the color palettes that are being used. Apricot pairs well with bold, vibrant colors such as turquoise, fuchsia, and even bright oranges and yellows. On the other hand, beige pairs well with calmer tones like browns, tans, and whites. It can be used as a neutral base to build other colors, making it a versatile option for any project.

How to Style Apricot Clothing

From colors to textures, we’ll provide all the tips and tricks you need to become an apricot-style pro. Get ready to learn all the latest trends and techniques, because it’s time to show off your apricot wardrobe in style. Let’s get started!

How Do You Accessorize Apricot-Colored Outfits?

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By bhaskarjoshi500

Here are 5 great ways to accessorize your apricot-colored outfits:

1. Brighten it up with a bold-colored handbag. A handbag in a striking color like magenta, royal blue or kelly green can provide a bright pop against your apricot-colored outfit. Don’t be afraid to experiment with fun shapes, either—from boxy clutch purses to practical hobo styles, a statement handbag will always be an eye-catching addition.

2. Soften it up with some nude tones. If you want to keep the attention on the apricot, adding a few soft tones will do the trick. Consider beige, tan or nude-toned shoes, as well as neutral jewelry and other small details that help you blend your outfit together without being overwhelming.

3. Make a statement with unique jewelry. From brightly-colored bracelets to bold, chunky necklaces, choosing pieces that aren’t afraid to be loud will turn heads when paired with your apricot ensemble. Look for accessories that have intricate details, like hammered metals and glass beads, for added depth.

4. Step it up with textured scarves. Textured scarves can instantly add dimension to your apricot outfit. From loosely knitted shawls to cable-knit cowls, look for fabrics with a subtle sheen that won’t overpower the outfit but instead, complement the apricot color.

5. Don’t forget the hat. A good hat can tie your whole look together. Choose styles that work with the color scheme, like wide-brimmed straw hats and stylish beanies, to provide your apricot outfit with the finishing touches it needs.

What Color Shoes Should You Wear With an Apricot-Colored Outfit?

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By freestocks-photos

Shoes can make or break an outfit, so it’s important to make sure they match. If you’re wearing clothing that is apricot-colored, you want to make sure your footwear matches. There are several different colors of shoes that can be worn with an apricot-colored ensemble, and we’re going to take a look at some of the best choices!

First and foremost, you’ll want to look for shades of neutral colors. Neutrals such as beige, tan, or cream can add a classic touch to your outfit. You can also opt for a contrasting shoe such as a deep brown or navy to give your look some added edge. Another great option is a light grey which will act as a neutral base while still offering a touch of contrast.

If you’re looking for something more colorful, pastels such as lavender, blush pink, or light blue are excellent choices. These colors are perfect for spring or summer and can provide the perfect complement to an apricot-colored outfit. For something bolder, try shoes in a shade of mustard or even orange. The colors will pick up the orange undertones in the apricot and bring the entire ensemble together.

As a more specific example, what color shoes should you wear with an apricot-colored dress? You could try opting for the neutral colors mentioned above (such as tan) or try incorporating a fun pop of color, like a red or yellow pair of shoes to draw attention to your feet and elevate the look. 

In conclusion, apricot is a wonderful color to experiment with when it comes to fashion. It’s a versatile and unexpected choice that can add a touch of femininity or a pop of brightness to any outfit. And with the variety of shades and hues available, there are endless possibilities for pairing apricot with other colors. So why not embrace the trend and incorporate some apricot into your wardrobe this season? Whether it’s a top, skirt, or accessory, you’re sure to turn heads and make a fashion statement. Happy styling!

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