What Colours Go With Green Clothes? Discover the Best Combos!

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As nature starts showing its vivacious hues during the spring and summer, our closets too experience a transition, with green leading the way. Many of us love beautiful shades of green but often face the problem of not knowing how to style it. Today, we’ll break down the colour wheel and discover all the different ways we can style green clothing. Keep reading to find out!

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Green With a Splash of Neutrals

Neutral colours such as white, beige, black, gray, and tan are inherently versatile and timeless, and function as a fantastic background for a bright and vibrant colour like green. When pairing green with these neutrals, it offers an easy-to-achieve, yet aesthetically pleasing result.

For starters, green pairs beautifully with white. A soft mint green blazer paired with a white top instantly gives a clean and crisp look. You can further accessorize it with silver jewelry to highlight the simplicity and sophistication of your outfit.

pexels sasha kim 8483667
pexels sasha kim 8483667

Photo by Sasha Kim

Another natural pairing for green is beige. An olive green jumpsuit with a beige cardigan is a great combination, oozing class, and warmth. Beige sandals or pumps can add an extra touch to the ensemble, emphasizing the green’s earthy tones.

One can never go wrong with pairing green with black. The contrast that these two colours provide is both bold and soft. Flowy green pants with a black blazer create an eye-catching look suitable for any formal event. Finish this ensemble with black boots or stilettos, and you are ready to make a statement!

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pexels luciani kolecha 16554926 (1)

Photo by Luciani Kolecha

Additionally, you can experiment with green on gray for a more sophisticated look. For instance, a sage green coat over a gray knitted dress can look chic and fashion-forward, perfect for winter or fall.

Remember, accessories can significantly enhance your look when pairing green with neutral colours. Statement jewelry pieces in gold or silver can contrast nicely with green, adding a touch of sparkle. If you prefer a subtler approach, try minimalist jewelry pieces in beige or black for an equally classy finish.

For footwear, consider keeping it neutral when wearing green clothing. White, beige, gray, and black shoes all complement green apparel well and ensure the focus stays on your beautiful green piece. You can also introduce a neutral-colored leather bag to enhance your style further.

Green Monochromatic

When speaking of a monochromatic colour scheme, we’re not only referring to using one shade, tint, or tone. It involves utilizing one single base hue and expanding it to its variations – lighter, darker, more saturated, less saturated, etc. For instance, you could simply pair a pine green tank top with deep bluish-green trousers. And there you have it – a simple and balanced monochromatic green ensemble. 

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pexels moy caro photographer 16987327

Keep in mind, that different fabrics can contribute to diversifying the whole outfit, giving a deeper perception of variety. Pair a shiny green silk blouse with matte textured linen pants. Or mix and match a fuzzy green sweater with leather trousers. Textural contrast not only breaks the monotony but also enriches the appearance.

Also consider introducing pattern into your monochromatic outfit for added interest. Whether it’s stripes, polka dots, or animal print, you can incorporate it into your ensemble as long as it sticks within the green palette.

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pexels jacob sierra 16452605

Photo by Jacob Sierra

Accessories are an excellent avenue to introduce other green hues. Jewelry such as malachite stone rings, jade pendants, or emerald earrings will amplify your green aesthetic without breaking the monochromatic theme.

Your choice of shoes can dramatically alter the vibe of your look. When wearing green on green, balance is key. It is essential not to go overly bright or dark. Mint green or olive green loafers or pumps are excellent choices. They blend effortlessly with most green shades without being too overbearing. For a more vibrant look, you might opt for emerald green stilettos or platform heels, making your outfit more energetic and catchy. Sage green booties or slip-on sneakers could be an excellent option for a more casual or relaxed look. The texture and material of the shoes can also add interest and depth to your monochromatic outfit. Patent leather shoes in green can provide a subtle shine, velvet green shoes can add a touch of luxury and depth, and matte leather shoes in a green shade can add an interesting contrast.

Green With a Pop of Complementary Colours

Green can vary in shades from emerald to olive to lime and each tone may look best with different colour schemes. In colour theory, complementary colours are those that are opposite each other on the colour wheel, which create strong contrasts and make each other stand out. Therefore, for green clothing, its complementary colours would range from various shades of red to pink.

For a more bold and vibrant look, try pairing green clothes with red accessories or clothing pieces. An olive green dress matched with cherry red pumps, or a green blazer worn with a red blouse beneath, can be an attractive combination. Similarly, bright green pants could be toned down with a subtle, red checked shirt. However, for this combo to work, both the shades should neither be too light nor too dark, keeping a perfect balance is key.

If the bright contrasts aren’t your style, go for subtler, more muted complementary shades. For instance, soft pinks, magentas and corals complement green clothing quite well, especially the more vibrant shades of green. A vivid green skirt paired with a fuscia top or a teal sweater paired with coral accessories can deliver a pleasing visual impact.

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pexels rulo davila 7782147

Photo by Rulo Davila

Accessorizing can effortlessly transform your look into an incredibly chic ensemble. If you’ve chosen to adopt a complementary color scheme by combining green and red or pink in your outfit, consider accessorizing with items that will help balance the color scheme. Choose accessories in neutral tones, such as black, white, beige, or gold, to subtly accentuate your outfit without overpowering it. A white handbag, for example, would make a stylish and sophisticated choice, while gold jewelry would provide an elegant contrast to the vibrant color scheme.

Another exciting approach could be incorporating other shades of green and red. For instance, a dark green statement necklace paired with a soft red dress can create an intriguing dynamic. Don’t shy away from experimenting with patterns either! Polka dots, stripes, or even florals can bring an additional level of depth to your ensemble. 

For the perfect shoes, neutral-colored shoes are often a safe bet. For instance, pairing nude or beige heels with these color combinations can subtly blend the outfit together without making it seem overly busy. Black shoes are also a good choice if your outfit leans more toward deeper shades of green and red. However, for a bolder look, you could go for red shoes with a green outfit, or vice versa, creating a daring color block style. If your outfit includes pink hues, consider pairing it with metallic tones like silver or gold for a glamorous finish. You can also use white shoes to give your outfit a fresh, light look.

Green Enriched With Analagous Colours

When we say analogous colours, we refer to colours that sit side by side on the colour wheel, sharing a common base. In this context, it includes varying shades of blues and yellows, offering an endless scope for experimentation. Think emerald green silk dress paired with navy blue heels, or an apple green casual top combined with soft lemon yellow accessories for a chic yet effortless look.

If you are just starting out on your analogous colour styling journey, here are a few outfit inspirations to ignite your creativity. For a casual, everyday look, try a pastel yellow dress with a pine kimono-style cardigan. This not only exudes a fun and peppy vibe but also retains a degree of sophistication. If you want to make a striking impression at a summer party, consider a lime green blouse with a cobalt blue skirt or a pair of pastel yellow sandals. For those cool winter days, try an army green jacket with a mustard yellow scarf for a pop of brightness.

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People in nature clothing green yellow beauty outerwear 1565657 pxhere.com (1)

Mixing patterns and textures can add a layer of depth and intrigue to your outfit. So don’t shy away from mixing a velvet forest green sweater with a textured azure scarf or a dark green leather skirt with a pale yellow silk blouse. This combination is perfect for any occasion such as a dinner date.

Accessories are the cherry on top when it comes to completing an outfit. With green clothing and analogous colours, opt for gold or silver accessories to neutralize the look. Avoid bright-coloured accessories as they may cause visual confusion and distract from the outfit.

When it comes to shoes, if your outfit leans towards cooler tones of blue and green, choose navy or black shoes. These will effortlessly complement the cool undertones of your outfit and add an element of sophistication. If your outfit includes lighter shades of blue and green or a mix of green and yellow, opting for nude, beige, or brown footwear can beautifully tie your look together. A great fashion tip for bold, contrasting green and yellow outfits is to wear white sneakers. Not only does it provide a neutral balance, but it also keeps your look fresh and contemporary.

Green Paired With Metallics

Green and metallic hues work exceptionally well together. It’s an elegant combination, striking a perfect balance between fresh and chic, modern and classic, subdued and loud. 

Subdued darker hues like emerald or pine green provide an excellent base to accentuate with metallics. Pair an emerald green cocktail dress with gold or silver heels for a polished, night-out look. Olive or khaki green outfits are also chic choices for an effortless day-to-night look. Team them up with metallic shoes or a waist belt in gold or bronze to make your outfit pop. The dull green and silver combination provides a futuristic yet stylish appeal.

Lighter shades of green, like lime or mint, can give off a vibrant, fresh look when styled right. Combine a lime green jumpsuit or a mint green blouse with metallic accessories, such as a silver necklace or a bronze wristwatch. Silver especially goes well with these bright green tones and can provide a pleasant contrast.

Accessories such as handbags and jewelry also play an important role. Try complementing your green ensemble with a gold or silver metallic handbag and/or earrings. This pairing will undoubtedly add a refined touch to your look. If you want to stay minimal with metallics, metallic-clasp handbags are also an option, providing just the right amount of shine.

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pexels joão godoy 18324192

Photo by João Godoy

In conclusion, there’s no reason to be afraid of green! Once you get the hang of it, the mix-and-match possibilities are endless. As long as you follow these tips, you will surely be turning heads wherever you go. Don’t forget the final, and most important accessory – your confidence. Now get ready to embrace and rock that green outfit!

If you find this styling green clothing article helpful and informational, please consider sharing and commenting. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and have a fantastic day!

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