What is a Spacer Bra? The Benefits of this Unique Undergarment

Comparison of the amount of light passage between a spacer bra and a regular bra.

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Bras can be pretty heavy and uncomfortable. Some have too much padding, some are not made from comfortable materials, and others just feel like you’re wearing a plate of armor! A bit of an exaggeration, but I think you get the point. We all look for different qualities in bras, but I think we can all agree that a lightweight bra that holds some shape but also feels like we are not wearing it is a win! Check out the below article regarding spacer bras, and why you might want to pick up a few.

What is a spacer cup bra?

A spacer cup bra is designed to offer plenty of support and shape while being lightweight and breathable (to prevent the trapping of moisture). It is usually made with airy spacer fabric, which is a 3D knitted fabric that is constructed of two thin layers of material bonded together. Spacer bras are typically designed with seamless cups and microfiber straps that help minimize chafing.

Close-up of the material of both a spacer bra and a regular bra.

These bras are becoming increasingly popular due to their comfortable fit and sleek design. They can be found in a variety of styles including full coverage, plunge, balconette, t-shirt, and even strapless options for women looking for an undergarment that will stay hidden beneath clothing without slipping or causing any irritation.

To have a better idea of what the cup material actually feels like, if you were to pinch the material between your thumb and pointer finger, and move your fingers side to side, you can feel the fibers inside bend from one side to another. So it doesn’t feel like memory foam. It feels like a bunch of fabric strips really close to each other if that makes sense. When I squeeze the fabric in the center, it feels like sand, and you can hear a slight ‘plastic bag crinkling’ sound.

A diagram showing the interior of spacer bras and how the fibers shift from one side to another when moving with your fingers.

What are the benefits?

A spacer bra is a must-have item for any woman’s wardrobe. These comfortable bras offer a range of benefits that make them an excellent option for everyday wear.

1.) These bras provide support and coverage. Their unique design offers maximum breathability, allowing you to stay comfortable all day. The 3D mesh fabric also helps keep the skin cool and dry, preventing sweat build-up and chafing. The molded cups also provide full coverage with no gaping or shifting, meaning you can go about your day with confidence knowing that everything is in place. These bras in their seamless styles are great for smaller-chested women for this reason.

2) Spacer bras are also extremely lightweight and flexible, allowing for natural movement and easy wearability. The material is stretchy yet supportive, giving you both the structure you need and the freedom of movement that’s necessary to get through your daily activities comfortably. Plus, they’re usually wire free making them a great choice for women who are sensitive to underwire.

3) Another benefit of wearing a spacer bra is its ability to provide excellent shaping capabilities without bulk or compression. Its molded construction gives an even silhouette while providing a gentle lift – something that can’t always be achieved with other types of bras. This bra also looks amazing when paired with most types of clothing, so it’s a great choice if you want to look your best without compromising on comfort. Think of this as the next generation of t-shirt bras.

What are the cons?

While spacer bras are amazing in many ways, there are a few possible cons to keep in mind.

1) Since they are so bendable and thin, it does not conceal the shape of your nipple completely.

2) It follows the shape of your chest and therefore does not have a lot of structure.

3) Large-chested women may find that there isn’t enough support.

Where can I buy the best spacer bra?

You can find these bras at many different places online and off.

If you’re looking to purchase a great spacer bra online, many sites offer these types of bras. For example, Amazon carries several styles of spacer bras from different brands. Several retailers specialize in plus-size clothing like Woman Within, and Torrid which carry several styles of spacer bras as well.

In addition to shopping online, you can also find spacer bras at physical retail stores. Many department stores such as Macy’s or Kohl’s carry some selection of spacer bras as do lingerie stores such as Victoria’s Secret. Plus-size stores such as Catherines are also great places to shop for spacer bras in extended sizes up to 44G or larger.

As you can see, spacer bras are a great option for any woman who wants a supportive yet lightweight bra. With its breathable material, comfortable design, and (typically) wire-free construction, it can provide superior coverage and support for everyday activities. These types of bras are perfect for wearing with t-shirts and other light clothing because of the contoured shape that allows the bra to move with the body’s natural curves. Women who want to experience the comfort and coverage of a spacer bra should consider giving one a try today!

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