Is Kollyy a Legit Website? Here’s Why I Wouldn’t Shop Here

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Let’s cut to the chase. Is (the women’s clothing shop) a legit website? The short answer is no, they are a SCAM!

In this 100% unbiased and detailed review (I am NOT paid to write this), I will share my purchase and return experience, my thoughts on their clothing, and my observations and research regarding their brand and website. Keep reading for more!

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My First Impression

I am always on the hunt for scams, and it is in my nature to be skeptical UNTIL I’m proven wrong. Here are some notable red flags I’ve come across after digging around their site: 

  1. I see coupon codes in the top banner of the homepage.
  2. They abbreviated Accessories to ‘Acc’.
  3. I see blog posts at the bottom of their homepage.
  4. I see a floating animated icon on the left side of the screen.
  5. Their About page has a bunch of stock images.
  6. They have badges stating things like ‘Secure Payment’.
  7. Products that have reviews are all 5 stars.

There are many more red flags that I undoubtedly missed. This is just my initial overview of the shop’s website – keep scrolling for a deeper dive!

About Kollyy

Are They Ethical?

No, they likely are not. According to their About page, they ‘strive to become a sustainable brand’ but don’t substantiate this sustainability claim. I am inclined to think they are green-washing. Check out this article What Is Fast Fashion, Anyway? by the good trade to learn more about fast fashion, sustainability, and how to spot it from a mile away!

Where Are They Located?

According to their Terms of Service page, they are located in England and Hong Kong. They are located at the following addresses:

  • Office 2166 182-184 High Street North, East Ham, London, E6 2JA (England / ChicV UK Limited)
  • Room 1903,19/F, Lee Garden One,33 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay (Hong Kong / ChicV International Holding Limited)

As an FYI, according to the Page Transparency section of their Facebook page, most of their page managers are located in China, Indonesia, and Singapore.

Business/Domain Info

  • According to their Contact page, they are affiliated with the following legal business names:
    • ChicV UK Limited
    • ChicV International Holding Limited
  • The website was registered in March 2021.

Policy/Product Info

The below info is accurate as of this post’s publish date. For the most current and updated info, please check their website.

  • They offer a 15% discount to students through Student Beans.
  • Shipping is free over $60.
  • Returns are allowed within 15 days of delivery. They provided me with a prepaid return label for a $7.99 fee. The following items are not returnable: Final Sale items, swimwear, bags, and accessories.
  • They carry standard sizes from XS to XL.

Kollyy Review & Order Details

I ordered the below items on 2/5/2024 to my address in North Carolina (United States). I paid a total of $165.60 to Kollyy ( via PayPal. The charge appears on my credit card statement as “PAYPAL *KOLT5E”. View Order Confirmation 

1) PU Stand-Collar Zipper Plain Long-Sleeve Jacket

Brand Label: Kollyy

Color/Size/Cost: Brown / S / $46.90

Country: Made in China

Material: 95% Polyester / 5% Elastane

kollyy jacket comparison2

Fit: I ordered based on the size guide provided, and it fits snugly but well. View my Body Measurements for size reference.

Quality: In my opinion, the quality of the materials is okay, but it is constructed poorly. It is not lined and is one thin layer of PU leather. You can see some poorly sewn areas, including raw edges all over the inside. See my Quality Comparison & Rating Chart to know my current quality-rating standards.

Value: It is NOT worth the price I paid.

2) Ripped Raw-Edge Plain Jeans

Brand Label: Kollyy

Color/Size/Cost: Blue / S / $41.90

Country: Made in China

Material: 65% Cotton / 35% Polyester

kollyy jeans comparison2

Fit: I ordered based on the size guide provided, and they fit 1-2 sizes too small. View my Body Measurements for size reference.

Quality: In my opinion, the quality is bad but wearable. The material and thread feel very rough, and they are overall poorly sewn. You can see a lot of loose threads, sewing lines extending beyond where they are supposed to, and crooked seams/areas. See my Quality Comparison & Rating Chart to know my current quality-rating standards.

Value: They are NOT worth the price I paid.

Shipment Info

I received two items (plus a free thong) in two packages at my address in North Carolina (United States). The packages came from a warehouse/distribution center in the United States. I was provided tracking numbers through USPS.

Package Shipped From: 703 Bartley Chester Rd., Flanders, NJ 07836 (United States)

Shipping Timeline:

  • I placed my order on Mon, February 5th
  • My order shipped on Mon, February 26th / Sun, March 3rd
  • I received my packages on Thurs, February 29th / Mon, March 5th

Total time of 29 days (to receive both items)

Return & Refund Info

I emailed support ( to request a full return on March 7th. My request was approved the next day on March 8th, and I was provided with a prepaid return label. I mailed the package on March 11th via USPS.

Provided Return Address: 712 S El Paso St., El Paso, TX 79901 (United States)

I received a full refund of $157.61 (minus the return fee) in two parts on March 9th and March 18th. I received the final part of the refund seven days after I mailed the package. – View Refund Receipt

Customer Service Experience


They responded to each of my emails within a day, and promptly provided the prepaid return label.


After placing my order on 2/5, I followed up on 2/15 and 2/21 since I hadn’t seen any shipment emails. They responded with:

"We deeply to inform you that some items from your order will be shipped later than expected. We understand that this delay may be frustrating and inconvenient for you. Please rest assured that we are doing everything possible to expedite your order and will ship it with priority once it is ready. Can you wait for a few more days?" -Kollyy Support

I initially agreed to wait a bit longer for the items to ship. After several more days, I decided to cancel the remaining two items.


Upon emailing them about returning my items, they told me to reply to their email with specific details (order number/SKU/name of items/reason for return) or follow a link to their return portal. I completed the request through their return portal. They responded 18 hours later with the following return/refund options:

  • First Email: “…we would like to offer you a 25% cash refund for the specified returned item(s) if you decide to keep them.”
  • Second Email: “…Keep the items and receive a 50% cash refund of the item(s) selected for the return, or return for money refund. Please use the attached return label (PDF file) and note that a $7.99 return shipping fee will be deducted from your refund.”

I rejected all offers and moved forward with a standard return/refund back to my original payment.

Is Kollyy Legit or a Scam?

‘Sister’ Sites

Read this List of Online Stores that I suspect the owner of Kollyy also owns and operates. I put this list together using plagiarism tools like Copyleaks (premium), and by looking for clues like identical landing pages, matching site logos, PayPal merchant names (if there are similarities to my other orders), business addresses, site layouts, etc.

Reverse Image Search

Based on my findings, Kollyy steals product photos from brands including Rat & Boa, House of CB, and undoubtedly many more. Here is an example of a dress from House of CB ($255), used on Kollyy’s site ($42.90): 

kolly house of cb stolen image

Website/Compay Search

No suspicious information (such as lawsuits or alerts from the Better Business Bureau) was found.

My Recommendation

Based on my experience, this company is a SCAM and I would avoid shopping here. They steal product images from other brands including House of CB, and I had to follow up twice to get an update on whether the items were shipping soon. It took 21 days to ship the FIRST item despite everything allegedly being in stock at the time of the order. Additionally, their clothing quality is bad/mediocre and overpriced, both items run at least one size small, and it took 29 days to receive two out of the four items I ordered. So, although you may miraculously find an item or two that are okay, they are not worth your money or time.

To wrap up this post, regardless of my experience, be sure to read as many customer reviews as possible. If you found this post helpful in your search for Kollyy reviews, please consider sharing and commenting (via Reddit) below. Thank you very much for your support and readership!

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