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You’re considering buying that pretty swimsuit from gracesunny.com but you feel some concern, right? Well, let me give you a quick answer to the question on your mind. Is Grace Sunny swim legit? The short answer is no, they are a scam. Upon requesting a return for the items I received (I got everything except for one out-of-stock item), they refused to give me the return address. I had to file a PayPal claim.

In this post, I will share with you my purchase and return experience, my thoughts on their clothing, and brand information. Keep reading for more!

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About Grace Sunny

What is Grace Sunny?

They are an online women’s swimwear shop. Offering affordable collections, they aim to redefine trends with outstanding design and quality. They pride themselves on offering exclusive and stylish swimwear featuring new designers delivering unique styles.

Is Grace Sunny sustainable?

No, they likely are not. They don’t state anything on their site regarding efforts in sustainability, or ways that they give back to the community.

Read this article, 13 Easy Ways To Know If A Brand Is Fast Fashion by Panaprium, for tell-tale signs of a fast fashion company.

Where is Grace Sunny located?

According to the Page Transparency section of their Facebook page, most of their page managers are located in China. This is likely where they are based.

More Shop Details

  • The website gracesunny.com was created in May 2021.
  • According to my PayPal transaction, they are affiliated with the following legal business names:
    • FashLady Ltd
    • ChicLady Ltd
  • Read this list of online stores that the owner of Grace Sunny most likely owns as well. This list has been compiled using clues like matching Google site logos, PayPal merchant names, business addresses, site layouts, etc.
  • They offer free standard shipping over $69.
  • They allow returns within 15 days of the delivery date.

Grace Sunny Review and Order Details

I ordered the below items on 10/10/2023 to my address in North Carolina (United States). I paid a total of $116.98 to FashLady Ltd (service@nfashionltd.com) via PayPal. The charge appears on my credit card statement as “PAYPAL *FASHLAD4VFN”. View Order Confirmation 

1) Sunset Floral Surf Crop Bikini Set

  • Color, Size, and Cost: Sandy Brown / M / $28.99
  • Country: Made in China
  • Material: The care label states:
    • Shell 1– 82% Nylon, and 18% Spandex
    • Shell 2– 85% Polyester, and 15% Spandex
    • Mesh Lining– 90% Polyester, and 10% Spandex
grace sunny bikini comparison

Expectation: It isn’t quite what I was expecting in terms of overall appearance. In the product image, the bikini looks warmer in color and has an orange/yellow color scheme. The color scheme on mine is more pastel coral and mustard.

Quality: In my opinion, the quality is mediocre. It is comparable to a bikini you might find at Charlotte Russe or Ross.

Fit: I ordered based on the size guide provided, and the top fits well, but the bottoms are a bit tight. View my body measurements for size reference.

Keep or Return: I would return this Grace Sunny swimsuit.

The bottoms are too small, the swimsuit is not entirely double-lined, the seam at the neck is crooked, and I see many loose threads all over the place.

2) Floral Fabric Ruched-Front One-Piece Swimsuit

  • Color, Size, and Cost: Mahogany Paisley Floral / M / $30.99
  • Country: Made in China
  • Material: The product page states Nylon, Spandex, and Polyester. The care label, however, states:
    • Shell– 85% Polyester, and 15% Spandex
    • Mesh Lining– 90% Polyester, and 10% Spandex
grace sunny monokini comparison

Expectation: It isn’t quite what I was expecting in terms of overall appearance. One of the chest straps and the ruched center look ill-fitting and poorly placed in person.

Quality: In my opinion, the quality is mediocre. It is comparable to a monokini you might find at Charlotte Russe or Ross.

Fit: I ordered based on the size guide provided, and it is the right size, but not a good fit for my body shape. View my body measurements for size reference.

Keep or Return: I would return this Grace Sunny swimsuit.

This has got to be one of the most poorly designed, ill-fitting swimsuits I’ve tried on. The outermost strap does not lay across my chest cleanly. The ruched area in the center looks like a super loose and saggy mess. It is not at all figure-hugging, especially from the front. The bottom part is too tight, the stomach area is much too loose, and the top area is loose but okay-fitting. The swimsuit is also not entirely double-lined, which is pretty much an automatic return for me.

3) Black Crochet Sexy V-Neck Beach Cover-Up

  • Color, Size, and Cost: Black / One Size /$28.00
  • Country: Made in China
  • Material: 50% Acrylic, and 50% Polyester
grace sunny cover up comparison

Expectation: It is exactly what I was expecting in terms of overall appearance.

Quality: In my opinion, the quality is mediocre. It is comparable to a cover-up you might find at Charlotte Russe or Ross.

Fit: I ordered based on the size guide provided, and it fits well. View my body measurements for size reference.

Keep or Return: I would return this Grace Sunny cover-up.

While this is VERY cute, both design-wise and color-wise, it just isn’t made to last. The material is VERY soft and fragile. Frankly, I don’t think it would survive a single wash or dry cycle. Looking closely, all of the colorful yarn is barely secured. I can very easily untie many of the areas and essentially disassemble the whole garment. All of the areas where the yarn should be secured are just loosely knotted and can be undone with the slightest tension.

Shipment Info

I received three items in one package at my address in North Carolina (United States). The package came from a warehouse/ distribution center in the United States. I was provided a tracking number.

Package Shipped From: 1200 Worldwide Blvd., Hebron, KY 41048

  • Order placed on Tues, October 10th
  • Order shipped on Fri, October 13th
  • Order received on Wed, October 25th

Total time of 15 days

Note: Their shipping policy states up to 28 business days (including processing time) for standard U.S. shipping.

Return & Refund Info

I emailed support (service@gracesunny.com) to request a full return on October 25th. I went back and forth with them for several days, and they refused approval by withholding the return address. I filed a dispute/claim with PayPal on October 28th.

I let PayPal know that I did not receive an item, I wanted to return all the other items, and after over a week of asking, Grace Sunny refused to give me the return address.

On October 29th, they finally responded to my NUMEROUS emails with the return address… Since I had already filed a PayPal claim, I wanted to wait a few days to see what would happen with that. So, I didn’t respond right away. The reason I didn’t close the case when they gave me the address is because once you close a case, you are unable to re-open it.

Two days later on October 31st, Grace Sunny (through PayPal) offered me a partial refund of $29. I declined the offer. I have absolutely no clue why they thought it was a good idea to offer this.

PayPal closed the case in my favor, and I received a full refund of $116.98 on October 31st. – View Refund Receipt

Provided Return Address: 630 New County Rd. Suite 3, Secaucus NJ 07094

Note: If your return is international, I recommend printing out the native language version of the return address. For example, if your return is in China, print out the address written in Chinese characters. Tape it on the package next to the provided English address — per the advice of a USPS worker, doing this can help with delivery on the other side. You’ll probably need to ask the support team of the store you purchased from for the native version. They may or may not provide it to you, as it is not mandatory for successful delivery.

Support Experience

  • They didn’t inform me about the out-of-stock item. I had to email them to find out the status.
  • I asked for the return address SIX TIMES before filing a dispute/claim with PayPal.
  • In their response emails, they first offered a 20% refund + keep the items, then a 30% refund + a 20% discount coupon + keep the items, and then finally a 50% refund + keep the items. I repeatedly rejected their offers and repeatedly asked for the return address. They REPEATEDLY ignored me.
  • They also asked for images of the hygiene stickers on the bathing suits before they could give me the return address. I sent the pictures to them TWICE.
  • Support emailed me SIX TIMES over the course of a week to tell me that the items were shipped. Every email has the exact same message, with the same tracking number.

Provided return instructions and guidelines:

  1. We gladly accept unworn, undamaged, unwashed items with original labels attached (the hang tag and transparent package).
  2. We currently are unable to offer a free returns service, so return shipping must be made at your own cost. We will check within 1 week of receiving the return parcel and refund the items you returned, not including the shipping fee as we have shipped it.
  3. Remember to give us a tracking number within 7 days after you receive the return address from us. Otherwise, we are afraid that we will not accept returns and no refunds.
  4. Please write down the following information on a piece of paper and put it in the parcel: Your order number, and product IDs (these were provided to me).

Is Grace Sunny Legit or a Scam?

Similar Sites & Analysis

According to Copyleaks (premium), the below plagiarism is detected:

Their About page has similar content to – easyswimsuit.com, seepalm.com, swimod.com, her-styled.com, meetcurvy.com, AND MORE! – View Full Report on Copyleaks.com

Reverse Image Search:

I found several of the same products on Amazon, AliExpress, Walmart, etc. for cheaper. For example, I found the below bikini for $29.88 on Grace Sunny, and for $21.99 on Amazon. I highly recommend doing reverse image searches when shopping online to ensure you are not getting ripped off.

grace sunny amazon swim comparison

Do I Recommend This Shop?

Based on my experience, this company is a scam. I paid for my items, and only received three out of four of them (which are all very subpar in quality). I had to inquire about the missing item, as they did not inform me that it was out-of-stock. I requested a return for everything, and they kept responding with templated messages that completely ignored my request for the return address.

They never approved my return, and I had to file a dispute/claim with PayPal. PayPal closed the case in my favor two days later and I was able to get a full refund. Grace Sunny also FINALLY responded with the address, and I mailed the items back.

To wrap up this review, regardless of my experience, be sure to read other customers’ reviews if they are available. Every experience varies, and it is important that you are as informed as possible before making any ‘risky’ purchasing decision.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. If you found it helpful in your search for Grace Sunny reviews, please consider sharing and commenting below. Have a wonderful day!

– Noelle

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