Is Azzlee Legit? Here’s What You Need to Know Before Shopping!

According to Azzlee, they are a world-renowned e-commerce site specializing in tops, bottoms, and dresses. The dedicated fashion buyers at the company, with years of industry experience, are adept at anticipating the newest trends, providing shoppers with an array of eye-catching apparel. They claim outstanding customer service, speedy shipping, convenient returns, and budget-friendly prices making them the place to shop. Their range of clothing is designed to be timeless and embrace every body type, ensuring everyone can feel comfortable and stylish. The goal of Azzlee is to empower customers and to make them feel attractive and beautiful, no matter their shape. They focus on providing the perfect fit, recognizing that it can have an empowering effect when the fit is just right.

Are you thinking of placing an order with this company? You’re in luck because today we’re tackling one of the biggest questions: is Azzlee a legit company? In this review, we will take a close look at every aspect of the shopping experience from placing an order to the customer service quality. Read on for the best Azzlee review out there!

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About Azzlee

When did Azzlee open shop? Their business began in 2011. They have been around for 12 years.

What country is Azzlee based out of? They are based in the United States. Strangely, they told me via email that they are an American company, but their business address is located in China.

What is their business address? Their address is Haiguang Building, No.33 Shuixian Road, Siming District, Xiamen.

Does Azzlee only sell online? They only sell online and do not have any physical locations.

Where is Azzlee clothing made? The suppliers of the products are in Asia. They have warehouses in the United States and Asia, and orders are shipped from different warehouses based on inventory.

Where does Azzlee do business? They do business in the U.S., Canada, Australia, England, France, and Germany.



The below times and costs are based on living in the United States. Please refer to the link to see their policy for all other applicable countries.

Processing Time: 1-3 business days

Shipping Time: 8-12 Business Days

Shipping Cost: $9.99 (under $79)

Free shipping over $79

View Azzlee’s Full Shipping & Delivery Policy


You are able to return or exchange items within 30 days of the delivery date. The first step is to contact with your order number and reason for the return/exchange. Following notification, you soon receive an email from customer service with the exchange/return instructions which must be correctly followed. It is important to note that returned items sent without prior notification will not be accepted.

You can cancel orders and receive a full refund within 24 hours of purchase if the orders have not been shipped yet. However, once an order has been shipped, it cannot be canceled and you must return it once you get it in the mail.

You are responsible for the return shipping fees, and once Azzlee receives your return package, they will email you a confirmation and provide a refund back to your original payment method. Refunds generally arrive within 5 to 15 business days and if no refund is received within 30 days, you should reach out to the company via email. MAke sure before returning that the clothing is unworn, undamaged, unwashed, and has all the original labels attached to the original packaging. Otherwise, no refund will be provided. Note that gift cards are not eligible for return or exchange.


Support Email:

Support Number: Unknown

Support Hours: Unknown

They will try to get back to you within 24 hours on weekdays (weekends may take a little longer). If you are emailing regarding a return request, be sure to include your order number. Also, check your spam folder if you are finding that they are taking a while to respond.


Click on the icons to see this brand’s social media pages.

What Does Azzlee Sell?

They sell:

They DO NOT sell:

Estimated Price Ranges

Two-Piece Suits: $39.78 – $54.58

Tops: $21.99 – $78.99

Sweatshirts: $24.99 – $50.59

Outerwear: $29.99 – $78.99

Swimsuits: $25.98 – $43.89

Bottoms: $20.99 – $50.99

Dresses: $28.99 – $56.98

Accessories: $6.98 – $30.99

My Order

Placed on February 6

Item: Gray Casual Graphic Tops Round Neck Dragonfly Printed Long Sleeve Sweatshirts

Color: Gray
Size: L
Subtotal: $29.99

Item: White Floral Printed Casual Summer Shorts

Color: White
Size: M
Subtotal: $20.99

Item: Solid Casual Round Neck Long Sleeve Sweater

Color: Red
Size: M
Subtotal: $38.99

Subtotal $89.97
Shipping & Handling: $0.00
Discount (ss10) -$9.00

Total $80.97

How I Paid

I paid with Paypal.

I sent a payment of $80.97 USD to AZZLEELTD (

The charge will appear on your credit card statement as PAYPAL *AZZLEELTD”.

Email Notifications

I received the following emails from Azzlee once I placed my order:

  1. ‘Thank you for your order’ email on 2/6. This email contains my order #.
  2. ‘Your order is on the way!’ email on 2/9.
  3. Another ‘Your order is on the way!’ email on 2/10. This one contains a tracking #.
  4. ‘Would you recommend Azzlee to your friends & family?’ email on 2/22. Note: “Send a review with photos of the dress to We will give you $5 reward and 10% off coupon for the next purchase.”
  5. ‘Delivery Confirmation’ email on 2/26. Note: “this order confirmation email has been sent to confirm your recent purchase. Azzlee has partnered with Sitejabber to gather valuable feedback and customer insight to help improve their processes.”

How Long It Took To Arrive

Order placed on Mon, Feb 6

Order shipped on Thu, Feb 9

Order received on Sat, Feb 18

Total time of 12 Days

Tracking Company: 17Track

USPS (Parcel Select)– United States– No phone– Sync Time: 2023-02-22 10:06:05 (GMT-08:00)

(MY CITY, NC), Delivered, In/At Mailbox -> Your item was delivered in or at the mailbox at 2:35 pm on February 18, 2023

(MY CITY, NC), Out for Delivery

(MY CITY, NC), Arrived at Post Office

(MY CITY, NC), Accepted at USPS Destination Facility

ATLANTA, GA 30349, Departed Shipping Partner Facility, USPS Awaiting Item

ATLANTA, GA 30349, Arrived Shipping Partner Facility, USPS Awaiting Item

MONROE TOWNSHIP, NJ 08831, Departed Shipping Partner Facility, USPS Awaiting Item

MONROE TOWNSHIP, NJ 08831, Arrived Shipping Partner Facility, USPS Awaiting Item

Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item

What I Received

I received all three items in a single package, and they all seem to match the product images and descriptions. They came from a warehouse in Santa Fe Springs, California.

Order & Package Images

Return & Refund

  1. Return requested: I emailed support to request a return on February 22nd.
  2. Return approved: My request was approved on March 8th, and I was provided the return address.
  3. Return package mailed: I mailed the package on March 11th.
    1. *Courier and cost: I went to USPS and paid a total of $11.30 for the return shipping.
  4. Return received by Azzlee: Azzlee emailed me on March 15th to let me know that they received and inspected the items. They have initiated a refund.
  5. Refund received to my original payment method: I received a refund of $80.97 to my Mastercard on March 16th.

Total Time (from return request to completed refund): The process took a total of 22 days.

Please see the below email correspondences for a detailed look into the return and customer support process.

(Me) Feb 22, 2023


I have a few questions about your company, and I would greatly appreciate your feedback. I recently placed an order with you guys and want to know a bit more about your company as your About page is VERY vague:
1) What country is your company based out of
2) What year did Azzlee open/ begin?
3) Do you have retail stores? Or just online shopping?
4) Where is your clothing made?
5) I would like to return one of the items I purchased, as it fit too small. Could you please provide me with next steps/ instructions for the return? My order # is xxxxxxxx.
Thank you so much,
(Me) Feb 24, 2023


I am following up on my return request. Please let me know ASAP.


(Azzlee) Feb 25, 2023


Thanks so much for contacting us.

Our company is located in the US.The suppliers of products are in Asia,We have warehouses in the United States and Asia, and orders will be shipped from different warehouses based on inventory.Currently we only have an online store.

Actually, We’ve been in the apparel business for 12 years. We’re not just doing business in the U.S. We’re doing business in Canada,Australia, England, France, Germany.

May I know which item would you like to return please? Could you please tell us which part doesn’t fit or why you don’t like it? It helps us to know the best of our products so we can work toward improvements.

About your return request ,would it be a considerate solution that we offer partial refund to you keep the item you would like to return please?

Please don’t ship the item to any address on the package bag you received (that’s not our return address)

No worries ,If you have other ideas, please feel free to let me know.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,Christine | Customer Service | Azzlee Support Team

(Me) Feb 25, 2023


Thank you for the response. After trying all the items on a few times, I would like to return all 3. The shorts fit a little too small, and the two sweaters about 1 size too big. There is nothing wrong with the items, I just would prefer different sizes. Would it be possible to return them? And if so, can I have the return instructions? Or if you are offering a partial refund/ keep the items, how much would that be?

I also wanted to ask why you are offering for me to keep the items and do a partial refund? I have never experienced a company offering me that as an option… anyway, please let me know what all my options are, and I will choose what I think is best/ makes the most sense.



(Azzlee) Wed, Mar 1

Hi ,

Thanks for your email. I will try to help.

Let me show you the return instructions first:
1. We gladly accept unworn,undamaged, unwashed items with original labels attached (the hang tag and transparent package).Please note that your returned product is required to be quality inspected after it is received in the warehouse. Once the returned item has been detected as used or worn, we cannot issue a refund for it.
2. We currently are unable to offer a free returns service, so return shipping must be made at your own cost. Remember to give us a tracking number within 7 days after you receive the return address we provided. Otherwise, we are afraid that we will not accept returns and no refunds.
3. We are happy to refund the price of item/s you returned (not including shipping fee as we had shipped it) after receiving the parcel and checking. So, to ensure a successful return, please return using a standard shipping service that provides tracking.

If you are sure of the above info, we will show you the return address and product info. Please don’t ship to the address on the package bag you received.

Additionally, we also provide another option. Would it be a considerate solution that we offer you a partial refund 20% of the item as compensation and you keep the items?

Or how about you keep the items and we offer you a $ 80.97 gift card?
It could be used to offset the amount of the corresponding product/s in your next order, but does not include shipping cost. And please kindly note that it could only be used once.

Best regards,


(Me) Mar 2, 2023


20% of my order in a refund is terrible. Not sure why I would accept a $16 refund on an $80 order? I would rather get my full refund and pay $10 in shipping, which would be more like a $60-$70 refund. And I’m not interested in store credit.
(Azzlee) Mar 6, 2023
So sorry for your such experience. Let me solve it for you.

Our return address is located in ROSEDALE NY 11422 USA. Hope this will help to calculate the return postage.
Meanwhile, given the inconvenience of returning the items to the US, how about you keep the item and we refund you 35% of the items as compensation?
Please consider it. Waiting for your reply.

Best regards,
(Me) Mar 6, 2023
Again, a terrible offer. I will accept nothing less than 75%. Otherwise, please give me the return address, as I don’t want to continue going back and forth. Lowballing the return percentage is insulting.
(Azzlee) Mar 8, 2023
Nice day,

Sorry for any trouble we caused for you about this return process.

How about you keep the item and we refund you 50% of the item as compensation? Hope you understand that this is the best compensation we can get for you. Please consider it.

Here is the address to return. Please write the following information on the paper and put it in the package.

Your order number: xxxxxx
Product ID:


Please return to follow address:

Consignee: UGD C/O Chenzong MERCHANT RETURN
Address: 24823 Brookville Blvd
State: NY
Zip code :11422

Could you please send us the tracking number after you shipped it? Or inform us after the return was delivered and send the tracking number.

Please be sure that there is a tracking number when you choose the carrier after you shipped it and send us the tracking number. It’s really important for us to confirm. Otherwise,we are afraid that the refund will not be issued or no exchange item can be resent.

Best regards,
(Me) Sat, Mar 11
*I sent them a picture of my receipt from USPS showing that I had sent the return package and the tracking number*
(Azzlee) Mar 15, 2023
Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.
After checking, there aren’t any problems. We have refunded you for the return. Please check your payment account in 3-15 days.
Best regards,
End of Emails

My Opinion


  • Arrived within their estimated time frame
  • Free shipping over $79
  • Coupons are available
  • Items arrived in good, clean condition
  • All items arrived and they match the product images/ descriptions
  • All the garments fit, so size charts available seem to be correct.
  • Large size range from S – 5X for many items


  • If you want to return or exchange, you have to pay the shipping which could be costly
  • The package arrived with a hole in the back
  • None of the garments have an Azzlee brand tag (generic brand)
  • The Azzlee clothing reviews by the alleged customers are short and generally unhelpful (reviews could be fake)
  • Grammatical typos found on the website

Is Azzlee Legit or a Scam?

Note: If the purchased items arrive, I am able to successfully return the items, and I receive a refund in the agreed-upon amount, I am deeming the company legitimate.

They are legitimate. I paid for my items, received them in a timely manner, and my expectations in regard to the clothing are satisfied. I requested a refund, took them two weeks, but they eventually provided a return address, and I promptly mailed the return. I got my expected refund 6 days later.

I would *maybe* purchase from them again. They are expensive (and the quality doesn’t match) and my correspondence with support was slow and irritating. So I would only shop here if there was something I really liked that I for whatever reason couldn’t get anywhere else.

Azzlee Clothing Reviews


  • Most of these online clothing boutiques will require you to pay the return shipping. If you are returning an item/ items with a low total value ($5-$20), it may not make sense to pay to ship it back. If they offer a partial refund + keep the items or full store credit, that might be something to consider.
  • Know your measurements and pay close attention to the size charts to avoid the hassle of having to return anything!
  • When you send off your return in the mail, be sure to keep the tracking number! The company may want this information, and it will help should there be an issue regarding receipt on their end.
  • If you are moving forward with a return and live in the U.S., it is most likely that U.S.P.S. will be the cheapest option (compared to FedEx or UPS).

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