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Are you thinking of buying something from selfieleslie.com, but are worried that they may not be a safe or legit clothing site? Well, you’re in the right place because today we’ll answer the question: Is Selfie Leslie a legit site? In this post, we’ll cover everything from my shopping experience to reviews of their clothes to details about their brand. So, let’s dive into one of the most thorough Selfie Leslie reviews on the web and see if they are worth the money!

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Table of Contents

About Selfie Leslie

In this section of the review, I will be going over general brand/business information. Keep reading for more!

selfie leslie store website mobile
selfie leslie store website

Brand Q&A

  1. Who is Selfie Leslie? Originally founded in Australia, they are a women’s clothing brand that made their way to California in 2016, where they have continued to grow. They focus on fun and feminine styles while keeping sustainability in mind.
  2. Do they claim to be sustainable? They allegedly value sustainability and strive to be environmentally conscious, making a commitment to using recycled and eco-friendly fabrics. They have a strict ‘No Animal Policy’, using only faux fur and faux leather, and prohibiting animal testing on their products. They also support the Princess Project, which provides unused clothing to those in need. Read this article, 13 Easy Ways To Know If A Brand Is Fast Fashion by Panaprium, for tell-tale signs of a fast fashion company.
  3. Do they offer free shipping? They offer free shipping over $100 to U.S. customers.

Additional Info

  • Their legal business name is – Since One & Only Collective Inc.
  • According to a marketing email, their business address is – 2809 S Santa Fe Ave., Vernon, CA 90058.

Clothing Review and Order Details

In this section of the review, I will be thoroughly reviewing each item I ordered and will provide detailed information about the shipment and return/refund process. Keep reading for more!


I ordered the below items on 6/19/2023 to my address in North Carolina (United States). I paid a total of $190.88 to Selfie Leslie via PayPal. The charge appears on my credit card statement as “PAYPAL *SELFIELESLI”. View Order Confirmation 

1) L’Amore Cut-Out Bodice Midi Dress Deep Blue

  • Color, Size, and Cost: Deep Blue / L / $88.99
  • Country: Made in China
  • Material: 90% Polyester, and 10% Spandex
  • Description: This dress has two primary materials. The top bandeau material is rough to the touch, very stretchy, and not see-through since it is double-layered. This upper material reminds me of that semi-scratchy, stretchy fabric on little girls’ dresses. The lower material feels incredibly silky, thin, and is not see-through since it is also double-layered. Note that there are two different inner lining materials (the skirt liner which is thin and non-stretchy and the top bandeau liner which is thin and stretchy).
  • Expectation: It is exactly what I was expecting in terms of overall appearance.
  • Quality: In my opinion, the quality is decent. I, however, see some loose threads in the bandeau top area, around the metal ring. It is comparable to a dress you might find at Target or H&M.
  • Fit: I ordered based on the size guide provided, and the bottom half fits well, but the top part (the top where the silicone lining is) is a little loose. Ideally, it would squeeze me a little bit more to prevent it from sliding down. View my body measurements for size reference.
  • Value: In my opinion, this dress is VERY overpriced. 

2) Wish Come True Lace Midi Dress White

  • Color, Size, and Cost: White / L / $88.99
  • Country: Made in China
  • Material: Main– 90% Nylon, and 10% Spandex Lining– 100% Polyester
  • Description: The dress has two layers. The inner layer’s material feels slightly rough, is very stretchy, and is thin and slightly see-through. The outer lace layer is soft, stretchy, and is also thin. Overall, the dress is a bit see-through, so you should stick to skin-color undergarments.
  • Expectation: It is what I was expecting, for the most part, in terms of overall appearance. It looks thinner and more see-through in person.
  • Quality: In my opinion, the quality is decent. I, however, see a little bit of loose threading. It is comparable to a dress you might find at Target or H&M.
  • Fit: I ordered based on the size guide provided, and it is the right size, but I don’t think it is made well. The shoulder straps are not sturdy; they are made from the same stretchy lace used on the dress, and they offer little support. The bottom hem of the skirt is not stretchy, so you are restricted in terms of how wide you can stand before you start to feel tugging. View my body measurements for size reference.
  • Value: In my opinion, this dress is VERY overpriced.

Shipment Info

I received two items in one package, and the package came from a warehouse in the United States. I was provided a tracking number.

Package Origin Address- 2809 Santa Fe Ave., Vernon, CA 90058

  • Order placed on Mon, July 19th
  • Order shipped on Tues, June 20th
  • Order received on Thurs, June 22nd

Total time of 3 days

Return & Refund Info

I completed a return request for all items via their return portal on July 4th. It was instantaneously approved, and I received a return code in my email from Happy Returns (a return solution by PayPal). I dropped my items off at a Happy Returns bar (in my case, my local GameStop accepted these returns) on July 15th.

I received the full refund instantly (minus the $9.45 return fee which Selfie Leslie applies to all refunds that aren’t store credit). – View Refund Receipt

Provided Return Address– 2809 S Santa Fe Ave., Vernon, CA 90058

Customer Support Experience

  • The return portal is really straightforward and instantaneous. It makes the need for direct interaction with customer service less likely.
  • I reached out to them via email to ask about the return address, and they responded 16 minutes later. Lightening fast!

Is Selfie Leslie Legit or a Scam?

In this section of the review, I will check their site for originality, discuss any suspicious information found, answer whether this company is legitimate or not, and let you know my recommendation. Keep reading for more! 

Plagiarism & Analysis

According to Copyleaks (premium), the below plagiarism is detected:

  • Their About Us page has similar content to – rolypolyapparel.com, poshlyboutique.com, valentinadubai.com, titliblush.com, khami-co.com, and mivellifashion.com View Full Report on Copyleaks.com

Do I Recommend Selfie Leslie?

Based on my experience, they are legitimate. I paid for my items, received them within the estimated time frame, successfully completed a return, and received a full refund (minus the return fee).

With that being said, I personally would not shop here again.

The positives: The items shipped to me VERY quickly, and the return was very simple and instantaneous. These are both extremely critical things I look for when wanting a stress-free online shopping experience.

The negatives: Their clothing is pretty pricey. I wouldn’t have an issue with this if the quality matched the cost, but from my experience, the prices are just WAY too high. I feel like they are charging Macy’s prices for H&M quality. For close to $100 per dress, I expect clean sewing and sturdier material.

If you choose to shop here, always shop with caution. I urge you to read reviews by other customers as well.

Thank you for dropping in and reading this post! If you were looking for a Selfie Leslie review and found this post to be helpful, please share it below. Be sure to leave a comment, and let me know what shop I should review next in the form below!

Looking forward to hearing from you. Have a wonderful day!

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