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Are you eyeing some clothing on nnesi.com but feel it could be a scam? Today, we’ll put all doubts to rest as we delve into the authenticity of Nnesi. We are going to answer the question: Is NNESI a legit company? Brace yourself for a full-blown review, complete with my shopping experience and feedback on the apparel. From size to style, we’ve got it all covered in this comprehensive post. Keep reading for one of the most thorough Nnesi reviews out there!

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Table of Contents


In this section of the NNESI review, I will go over general brand information, their policies, and more. Keep reading to get the details!

Who is NNESI? According to their About page, they are a skilled team that operates as manufacturers and suppliers in the retail fashion space, producing fashion for some of the industry’s best-known brands. This passion and experience led to the creation of NNESI, offering ready-to-wear fashion produced by factories directly to consumers at shockingly low prices. NNESI recognizes the importance of ethical production and sustainable practices in the oversaturated industry. They prioritize workers’ rights, fair pay, and giving back by donating a portion of their annual revenue to charities that help eradicate poverty worldwide.

Brand FAQs

What is NNESI’s seller name, and do they run any other online stores? The seller name shown on my PayPal account is Dress Fashion. Dress Fashion also operates SSUNU, Valanio, Ryabe and Orwyy (click on the linked brands to see my review). There may be others that I am not aware of. I will continue to update as I make purchases.

What is NNESI’s legal business name?  According to their Contact page, their legal business name is XBP International LTD.
Read my note here (in the table of contents, click Business Practice Qs and see #6) for further explanation on legal business names and how they could differ from the store’s name, and seller name.

What does NNESI sell & do they carry plus sizes? They list categories for women’s tops, dresses, swimwear, twinsets, bottoms, and more. They do not appear to carry plus sizes at this time.

Where is NNESI located & what is their business address? According to their Contact page, they are located in the United Kingdom. Their business address is – 145-157 St. John Street, London, England, EC1V 4PW.
Read my note here (in the table of contents, click Business Practice Qs and see #2) for further explanation on the use of virtual addresses.

Where is NNESI’s clothing made & where does their clothing ship from? According to their product pages, all of their clothing is made in South Carolina (United States). However, the items in my order do not state on the care labels where they are made. My package came from a warehouse in Jamaica, New York (United States).
❌ Read my note here (in the table of contents, click Shipping Qs and see #1) for further explanation on the different locations that come into play when you place an order.

How long has NNESI been in business? According to a domain age-checking tool, their website was created in 2021.

Is NNESI a sustainable brand? According to their About page, they support and encourage sustainable practices, including the use of recycled fabrics, to minimize waste. They partner only with brands and designers that guarantee fair treatment and pay for their employees. They also donate a part of their revenue annually to charitable causes, making an effort to eradicate poverty worldwide. However, due to their complete lack of transparency regarding their alleged sustainability efforts, they likely are greenwashing as a sales tactic. This leads me to believe that they are a fast fashion company.

❌ Read my note here (in the table of contents, click Business Practice Qs and see #4) for further explanation on sketchy sustainability claims.

Also, check out this article by Panaprium which details ways to know if a brand is fast fashion.

Accepted Payments

Plus all major credit/debit cards.

Shipping Policy

The below times and costs are based on living in the United States. Please refer to their complete policy for all other applicable countries.

  • Processing Time:  The time between placing the order and shipping out my order was 4 days.
  • Shipping Time: 7-25 business days (express available)
  • Shipping Cost: $14.99 for subtotal under $79, free shipping for subtotal over $79, or express option

View NNESI’s Full Shipping & Delivery Policy

Return Policy

You must contact the company’s customer service within 30 days of receiving your package to receive approval and get the return address ONLY if the items have quality problems. You must return the products in their original, unworn, unwashed condition with the original tags and plastic bags. Any products that show clear signs of use, such as stains from makeup, deodorant, perfume, or similar products will be refused. Once NNESI has received the returned package, you will get an email from support and a refund will be arranged within 7 business days.

You must cover the return shipping cost.

View NNESI’s Full Return & Refund Policy

❌ NNESI, Valanio, SSUNU, and Orwyy are all the same seller. I had no issue returning or getting refunds for the items I didn’t like from all of the shops except for NNESI. They told me they cannot accept returns if there is no quality issue.

Support Info

  • Email: service@nnesi.com
  • Number: +44 7482875871 (United Kingdom)

❌ I tested the phone number using a VoIP call service, and the number is unreachable. Read my note here (in the table of contents, click Business Practice Qs and see #5) for further explanation on fake phone numbers.

Social Media

Click on the icons to see NNESI’s social media pages. 

NNESI Site Check

In this section of the NNESI review, I will state my findings regarding possible duplicate or copied content on pages that are expected to be unique, using plagiarism-checking software. Here is what was found:

  • NNESI’s About Page View Full Report
    ❌ NNESI’s About page has similar content to the following sites – suitsace.com | macysshoe.com | femmefinery.com | vaugu.myshopify.com | nemiy.com
  • NNESI’s FAQ Page View Full Report
    ❌ NNESI’s FAQ page has similar content to the following sites – simplydresses.com | pansexualcolors.com | m.indiefit.com | femmefinery.com | ulmaf.myshopify.com | potatist.com | leideli.com

Read my note here (in the table of contents, click Product Qs and see #3) for further explanation on why you might find duplicate product images and page info on other sites.

My Order

In this section of the NNESI review, I will go over the details of my order from what I purchased to the return status. Keep reading for more!

Order Summary

I ordered the below items on 5/29/2023. My shipping address is in North Carolina, United States.

  1. Trendy Print V-Neck Mini Dress
  2. Off The Wall Printed Sweatshirt
  3. Breezy Plant Print Strap Jumpsuit (No longer available)

❌ I was refunded for the jumpsuit because they are out of stock. They never informed me; I saw a refund amount of $46.99 back to my PayPal account on 5/30/23.

Item: Trendy Print V-Neck Mini Dress 

  • Color: Blue
  • Size: S
  • Subtotal: $42.99

Item: Off The Wall Printed Sweatshirt

  • Color: Multicolor
  • Size: M
  • Subtotal: $32.99

Item: Breezy Plant Print Strap Jumpsuit

  • Color: White
  • Size: M
  • Subtotal: $46.99

Subtotal $122.97

Total $122.97 USD

nnesi order
nnesi order mobile

❌ Some of the product images have photoshopped patterns and designs on them. Based on my experience, the pattern/design in real life is always off whether it be the color, saturation, pattern intensity, or all three. Keep this in mind when looking to buy an item that has a clearly photoshopped product image.

Read my note here (in the table of contents, click Product Qs and see #4) for further explanation on the use of Photoshopped product images.

How I Paid

  • I paid with PayPal.
  • I sent a payment of $122.97 USD to Dress Fashion (service@indiefit.com).
  • The charge will appear on my credit card statement as “PAYPAL *DRESSFASHIO”.

Email Notifications

I received the following emails from NNESI once I placed my order:

  1. Order Confirmed email on 5/29. This email contains my order number.
  2. We Shipped Your Order email on 6/2. This contains the tracking number.

How Long It Took To Arrive

  • Order placed on Mon, May 29
  • Order shipped on Fri, June 2
  • Order received on Sat, June 10

Total time of 13 days

Delivered, In/At Mailbox
(My Address)
June 10, 2023, 2:14 pm

Out for Delivery
(My Address)
June 10, 2023, 8:30 am

Arrived at Post Office
(My Address)
June 10, 2023, 8:19 am

Accepted at USPS Destination Facility
(My Address)
June 10, 2023, 7:04 am

Shipment Received, Package Acceptance Pending
(My Address)
June 9, 2023, 8:13 am

Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS, USPS Awaiting Item
June 8, 2023

What I Received

I received two items in one package, and the package came from a warehouse in Jamaica, New York (United States). The items match what is on my order confirmation email, minus the out of stock item.

ssunu package route

❌ On 6/20, I checked the tracking number and shipping history for valanio.com (same seller as NNESI). A message (shown in the image below) displayed on USPS’s site saying that counterfeit postage was used. In short, senders that use counterfeit postage on packages have not paid for the delivery and typically use invalid return addresses. Read this Counterfeit Postage FAQ by USPS for more information.

valanio counterfeit shipping

Order & Package Images

Click on the thumbnails below to see the whole image.

Return & Refund

  • Return requested: I emailed support to request a full return on June 11th.
  • Return approved: My return request was not approved. They said that they would only allow a return for quality issues, and stopped responding. I filed a dispute/claim with PayPal.
    • Dispute/claim information: I went to open a dispute/claim with PayPal, and saw a message from the seller insisting that I reach out to their elevated support email to resolve the issue first. I reached out to this email, and they came back with the EXACT same response as Nnesi’s support email, saying they only accept a return if it is due to quality issues. I moved forward with filing a dispute/claim. Before a dispute becomes a claim, the seller and buyer have an opportunity to resolve the issue. The seller promptly offered a partial refund + keep the items. I negotiated an amount I was happy with, and the dispute was resolved.
  • Return package mailed: I did not return my items. I agreed to keep the items and accept a $66 refund (partial refund; the rest was previously refunded since an item was out of stock). Based on the return shipping cost, I felt this was a fair amount.
  • Refund received: I received $66 (partial refund) back to my Paypal on June 22nd. (See image below)

Total time from request to refund: 11 days

(Me) Sun, June 11


I would like to return everything in my order. Nothing wrong, just changed my mind. Please provide the return address.



(Me) Wed, June 14


Following up on my return request. Please provide the return address.


(Nnesi) Fri, June 16

Dear customer:

Sorry. We accept the return with quality problems (damage) and accept the exchange for size problems.

Anything we can do for you, Please feel free to contact us via service@nnesi.com

Best regards


(Me) Fri, June 16


I have shopped at many of your other stores (SSUNU, Orwyy, Valanio) and you have provided me with the return address. Please provide the return address.


(Me) Sat, June 17

On your site, you say the dress is 35% elastane and 65% rayon. What I received is not the same material. I am extremely dissatisfied and need a return address. Please send over the return address as soon as possible, or else I will be filing a claim with PayPal.



End of Emails

nnesi return desktop
nnesi return mobile

NNESI Clothing Reviews

In this section of the NNESI review, I will provide my body measurements for reference, along with detailed reviews of the clothing I ordered. Keep reading for more!

female measurements template

Body Measurements


  • Shape– Hourglass
  • Height– 5’5” | 165 cm
  • Weight– 148 lbs | 62.5 kg
  • Dress Size– S-M | 6-8
  • Bottoms Size– M-L | 8-10 | 29-30
  • Top Size– S-M | 6


  • Shoulder– 15.4 in | 39 cm
  • Chest– 36.2 in | 92 cm
  • Arm Length– 22.4 in | 57 cm
  • Waist– 29.9 in | 76 cm
  • Upper Hip– 39.2 in | 99.5 cm
  • Lower Hip– 41 in | 104.1 cm
  • Inseam– 28 in | 71 cm
  • Color: Blue
  • Size: S
  • Cost: $42.99
  • Material: The product page states – 35% Elastane, 65% Rayon.

    ❌ Based on my knowledge of materials, I believe this is a lie. If the dress were 35% elastane, it would be incredibly stretchy (the dress has almost no stretch).

Click on the thumbnails below to see the whole image.

  • Expectation: It is not what I was expecting. While it looks similar to the product image, not only is it a brighter blue in person, but the material they list on the product page is false. They claim that it is 35% elastane, but the dress has almost no stretch to it.
  • Quality: The quality is mediocre. It is comparable to a dress you might find at Charlotte Russe or Ross.
  • Fit: It fits about half to one size too small. I followed the size chart.
  • Value: This dress is VERY overpriced. I would pay $20 at the most.
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Size: M
  • Cost: $32.99
  • Material: The product page states – Cotton-blend. The clothing does not have a care label for me to cross-check.

Click on the thumbnails below to see the whole image.

  • Expectation: It is exactly what I was expecting.
  • Quality: The quality is okay. It is comparable to a sweatshirt you might find at Target or H&M.
  • Fit: It fits well. I followed the size chart.
  • Value: This sweatshirt is overpriced. I would pay $20 at the most.

Q&A – My Overall Experience

In this section of the NNESI review, I will answer both general and specific questions regarding the company, my order, and my experience as a customer. Keep reading for more!

📦 Order Related

  1. Did the order arrive on time and as expected? Yes, the package arrived within the estimated time frame, however, only two out of three items arrived. I saw a refund to my PayPal account for the third item, so they were out of stock.
  2. Did they let you know when the items shipped and did they provide a tracking number? Yes, they sent me an email letting me know that the order was on the way. They provided the tracking number.
  3. What is the general quality of the items ordered Based on my order, I would rate the general quality of NNESI’s clothing 2-2.5 out of 5 stars, which is mediocre. In other words, the only way I would purchase this clothing is if it was cheaply priced.
  4. How accurate is the sizing based on the items ordered? Based on my order, one item runs small and the other is true to size. I referenced the size charts.
  5. Were there any issues or discrepancies with the payment? No, my PayPal was charged the expected amount.
  6. Does the clothing have brand tags and sufficient care label information? No, none of the items have NNESI brand tags. Regarding the care labels, both of the garments’ labels do not state where they were made, or what their material composition is.

📧 Support & Return Related

  1. Was the return request approved? It was not approved. I had to file a dispute/claim with PayPal.
  2. Was customer service professional and easy to deal with? They refused to accept my request for a return since my items didn’t have quality issues. They stopped responding to my emails.
  3. Did customer service offer any return alternatives? Upon filing a dispute/claim, they responded via PayPal and offered a partial refund + keep the items or a full return.
  4. What country is the return address in and what was the return cost? I was not provided the return address as I accepted a partial refund offer.
  5. Was the refund successful? Yes, I received the agreed-upon refund amount as soon as I accepted the offer in the dispute/claim center.
  6. Did support reach out about any issues with the order? No, although they should have regarding the out-of-stock item.

🌐 Company & Site Related

  1. Are they sustainable? I do not believe that they are sustainable despite claiming to be.
  2. Are their prices fair and are they affordable? Based on my order, I think they charge too much for the quality. Affordability-wise, the clothing is overall slightly expensive. The average cost of a top is around $37.
  3. Is there anything important to know regarding any of their policies? Their return policy states that they only accept returns if there is a quality issue. I had no issue with any of their other stores though.
  4. Do they offer free shipping and other discounts? Yes, they offer free shipping for over $79. They do have coupons available.

Final Verdict

In this section of the NNESI review, I will answer whether this company is legitimate and if I recommend that others shop here. Keep reading for more! Note: If my purchased items arrive, I am able to return the items successfully, and I receive a refund in the agreed-upon amount, I am deeming the company legitimate. However, if any criminal activity is discovered, I will deem the entire company (and all stores under that seller) fraudulent.

Is NNESI Legit or a Scam?

This company is a SCAM. I discovered that they use counterfeit postage by checking the tracking log for valanio.com (the seller is Dress Fashion; they also operate NNESI). The use of counterfeit postage is a federal crime. DO NOT SHOP HERE or at any of their other stores. These are the other stores that Dress Fashion runs (that I am aware of):

  • valanio.com
  • orwyy.com
  • ssunu.com
  • ryabe.com

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