Is NNESI Legit? Learn Why They Are a SCAM

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Let’s cut to the chase. Is (the women’s clothing shop) a legit website? The quick answer is no, they are a SCAM.

In this honest and detailed review, I will share my purchase and return experience, my thoughts on their clothing, and my observations and research regarding their brand and website. Keep reading for more!

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My First Impression

I am always on the hunt for scams, and it is in my nature to be skeptical UNTIL I’m proven wrong. Here are some notable red flags I’ve come across after digging around their site:

  1. They use emojis in their category names.
  2. Some of their banners look poorly Photoshopped/put together.
  3. Their brand name NNESI, stands for ‘Next Noble Elegance, She Is!’. Sounds like a bunch of classy-sounding English words thrown together that don’t flow.
  4. Many of their product images are edited/Photoshopped.
  5. Grammatical errors are everywhere! For example, “Do original design for mature woman wear what you feel good in regardless the age.”
  6. The font across their pages is small, and I see lots of formatting inconsistencies.
  7. All of their products are always discounted.

There are many more red flags that I left out and undoubtedly missed. This is just my initial overview of the shop’s website – keep scrolling for a deeper dive!


Are They Sustainable?

No, they likely are not. According to their About page, they support and encourage sustainable practices, including the use of recycled fabrics, to minimize waste. They also claim to partner only with brands and designers that guarantee fair treatment and pay for their employees. Since they don’t substantiate any of these sustainability claims, I am inclined to think they are green-washing.

Check out this article, 13 Easy Ways To Know If A Brand Is Fast Fashion by Panaprium, for tell-tale signs of a fast fashion company.

Where Are They Located?

According to their product pages, they are based in the United States. However, according to their Contact page, they are located in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. They are located at the following addresses:

  • Workshop 60, 3/F, Block A, East Sun Industrial Center No.16 Shing Yip Street Kowloon (Hong Kong)
  • 145-157 St. John Street, London, England, EC1V 4PW (United Kingdom)

Additionally, according to the Page Transparency section of their Facebook page, their business page is run by managers located in China.

Where Is Their Clothing Made?

According to their product pages, all of their clothing is made in South Carolina (United States). None of my items state where they are made on the care labels.

More Shop Details

nnesi website circa 2022
Screenshot of circa 2022 (the oldest version of the site I could find)

Business Details

  • According to their product pages, they have warehouses in the U.S., CAN, U.K., and AUS.
  • According to their Contact page, they are affiliated with the following legal business names:
    • XBP International LTD

Statements & Press Details

According to their About page, they allegedly donate part of their revenue to charities to help tackle issues of extreme poverty around the world. Since they do not provide any additional details, I question the authenticity of this statement.

Policy & Program Details

  • Shipping is free over $79.
  • Returns are allowed within 30 days of delivery DUE TO QUALITY ISSUES ONLY.

Product Details

They carry standard sizes from S to XXL.

Domain Details

The website was registered in December 2021.

NNESI Review and Order Details

I ordered the below items on 5/29/2023 to my address in North Carolina (United States). I paid a total of $122.97 to Dress Fashion ( via PayPal. The charge appears on my credit card statement as “PAYPAL *DRESSFASHIO”. View Order Confirmation 

1) Trendy V-Neck Mini Dress

Brand Label: Unknown

Color/Size/Cost: Blue / S / $42.99

Country: Unknown

Material: The product page states “35% Elastane & 65% Rayon”.

nnesi dress comparison

Fit: I ordered based on the size guide provided, and it fits about 1 size too small. View my Body Measurements for size reference.

Quality: In my opinion, the quality is bad but wearable. The material is extremely thin and cheap. See my Quality Comparison & Rating Chart to know my current quality-rating standards.

Value: It is low-quality, and non-stretch despite claiming to be ‘35% elastane’. It is NOT worth the price I paid.

2) Off-The-Wall-Printed Sweatshirt

Brand Label: Unknown

Color/Size/Cost: Multicolor / M / $32.99

Country: Unknown

Material: The product page states ‘Cotton Blend’.

nnesi sweatshirt comparison

Fit: I ordered based on the size guide provided, and it fits well. View my Body Measurements for size reference.

Quality: In my opinion, the quality is mediocre. See my Quality Comparison & Rating Chart to know my current quality-rating standards.

Value: It is a basic, low-quality long-sleeve. It is NOT worth the price I paid.

Shipment Info

I received two items in one package at my address in North Carolina (United States). The package came from a warehouse/distribution center in the United States. I was provided a tracking number.

Package Shipped From: 154-09 146th Ave., Jamaica, NY 11434 (United States)

Shipping Timeline:

  • I placed my order on Mon, May 29th
  • My order shipped on Fri, June 2nd
  • I received my package on Sat, June 10th

Total time of 12 days

On 6/20/23, I checked the tracking number and shipping history for my order from Valanio (same seller as NNESI). A message was displayed on USPS’s site saying that counterfeit postage was used and the tracking information could no longer be displayed! Read this Counterfeit Postage FAQ by USPS for more information.

On a separate note, their shipping policy states up to 25 business days (including processing time) for standard U.S. shipping.

Return & Refund Info

I emailed support ( to request a full return on June 11th. My request was not approved, as they ‘only accept returns due to quality issues’. I pointed out that they falsely advertise their clothing, and they did not seem to care. I filed a claim with PayPal on June 20th.

See the ‘Customer Service Experience’ section below for more details about this claim.

I received the agreed-upon partial refund of $66 (the rest was previously refunded) on June 22nd, and kept the items. I received it two days after filing the claim. – View Refund Receipt

Customer Service Experience

General Responsiveness

They responded to each of my emails within a day.

Shipment Details

They never informed me that one of the items I ordered was out of stock. I saw a refund amount of $46.99 back to my PayPal and assumed this was the reason.

Refund Details

PayPal Claim: I have unknowingly bought from several of their other shops, and they all have the same return policy. I was able to return the items at the other shops, but when I tried to return these items from NNESI, they told me they wouldn’t allow it since it wasn’t due to quality issues. This is despite the fact that the items are NOT as expected.

I went to open a claim with PayPal, and saw a message from the seller insisting that I reach out to their elevated support email to resolve the issue first. I reached out to this email, and they came back with the EXACT same response as NNESI’s support email, saying that they only accept returns if it is due to quality issues.

I moved forward with filing a claim. The seller promptly offered a partial refund if I kept the items. I negotiated to an amount I was happy with, and the claim was resolved.

Is NNESI Legit or a Scam?

Reverse Search & Analysis

‘Sister’ Sites:

Read this List of Online Stores that I suspect the owner of NNESI also owns and operates. I put this list together using plagiarism tools like Copyleaks (premium), and by looking for clues like identical landing pages, matching site logos, PayPal merchant names (if there are similarities to my other orders), business addresses, site layouts, etc.

Reverse Image Search:

Based on my findings, there are MANY other small boutiques/online shops/marketplaces that appear to sell many of the same items as NNESI.

Possible reasons for this include the use of the same suppliers, this shop operating as a wholesaler or marketplace, the same owner operating multiple stores and/or selling on multiple platforms, the use of stolen images, etc.

With that being said, I found several of the same products on AliExpress, Amazon, etc. for much cheaper. For example, I found the below lounge set for $45.99 on NNESI, and $18.47 on Temu.

Based on the reverse image search results, I believe these are near-identical, low-quality items offered at vastly different prices.

nnesi temu price comparison

I highly recommend doing Reverse Image Searches when shopping online for price and quality checking purposes. You might be surprised at what you find!

Website/Company Search:

No suspicious information (such as lawsuits or alerts from the Better Business Bureau) was found. However, there are many positive reviews on Trustpilot. I believe that these positive reviews are fake or dishonest/incentivized.

Do I Recommend This Shop?

Based on my experience, this company is a SCAM and I would avoid shopping here. Here are 4 reasons why:

  1. In the process of checking the USPS tracking information for a purchase I made with Valanio (same seller as NNESI), I was notified (by USPS) that counterfeit postage was used and I could not view any tracking info.
  2. They refused to provide me with return approval despite success at their other shops (which have the EXACT same return policies). I even pointed out that it was due to a quality issue since they advertise their products falsely. They still didn’t care.
  3. They falsely advertise their products. A dress I ordered claimed to be made of 35% elastane, yet had no stretch.
  4. I HIGHLY suspect they are greenwashing, and all of their sustainability claims are fake.

Additionally, their clothing quality is bad/mediocre, and they are very overpriced. So, although you may miraculously find an item or two that are okay, they are not worth your money or time. 

To wrap up this post, regardless of my experience, be sure to read as many customer reviews as possible. If you found this post helpful in your search for NNESI reviews, please consider sharing this with your friends and commenting (via Reddit) below. 

Thank you very much for your support and readership!

Take care,

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