Is Ursime a Legit Site? Here’s Why You Should Skip This Store

Status: Pending Refund

Are you thinking about getting clothes from but have some doubts? It’s understandable, given the prevalence of online scams and misleading information. Let’s cut to the chase: Is Ursime legit? The short answer is yes, they seem to be a legitimate company. I received my order, was approved for a return, and mailed the package. Assuming the refund process is smooth, would I shop here again?

In this post, I will share with you my purchase and return experience, my thoughts on their clothing, and brand information. Keep reading for more!

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About Ursime

What is Ursime?

They are an online women’s clothing shop. They claim to offer meticulously-crafted, affordable, high-end fashion for consumers in the U.S., Europe, and Australia. 

Is Ursime sustainable?

No, they likely are not. According to their Sustainability page, they are allegedly committed to developing sustainable items, focusing on recyclable materials, eco-friendly design, and packaging. They also claim to actively be involved in recycling programs, the forming of ethical partnerships, and advocating for human rights and security. Their long-term program, “More Trees, More Green,” has allegedly donated and helped plant 1532 trees in the last 6 months. Since they don’t substantiate any of these sustainability claims, I am inclined to think they are green-washing. I also checked OneTreePlanted‘s list of partnerships (Ursime claims to partner with/donate to them), and Ursime isn’t listed.

Read this article, 13 Easy Ways To Know If A Brand Is Fast Fashion by Panaprium, for tell-tale signs of a fast fashion company.

Where is Ursime located?

According to their About page and Terms of Service page, they are located in the United States and Italy. They are located at the following addresses:

  • R-4D34, 4F, Building #213, Tairan Road 6, Tianan Community, Shatou Street, Futian District, Shenzhen, China (Shenzhen Hanjinyuan Trade Co., Ltd)
  • Agrate Brianza (MB) Via Industrie 86 Cap 20864 Italy (Keli Group Di Liao Keli)

Where does Ursime ship from?

According to my tracking information, my order was originally shipped from China. I received my order from a distribution center in Florida (United States).

More Shop Details

ursime website circa 2024
Screenshot of circa 2024 (the oldest version of the site I could find)
  • The website was registered in April 2021.
  • According to their About page, Terms of Service page, and my PayPal transaction, they are affiliated with the following legal business names:
    • Shenzhen Hanjinyuan Trade Co., Ltd
    • Keli Group Di Liao Keli
    • Qiwu Trading Co., Ltd.
  • According to the Page Transparency section of their Facebook page, most of their page managers are located in Hong Kong.
  • Read this List of Online Stores that the owner of Ursime most likely owns as well. This list has been compiled using clues like matching Google site logos, PayPal merchant names, business addresses, site layouts, etc.
  • They offer free shipping over $89.
  • They allow returns within 30 days of delivery.
  • Non-returnables include bodysuits, lingerie, jewelry, beauty products, underwear, and event and party supplies.

Ursime Clothing Review and Order Details

I ordered the below items on 11/30/2023 to my address in North Carolina (United States). I paid a total of $151.77 to Qiwu Trading Co., Ltd. via PayPal. The charge appears on my credit card statement as “PAYPAL *QIWUTRAW7RY”. View Order Confirmation 

1) Slouchy High-Rise Wide-Leg Jeans

  • Color, Size, and Cost: Blue / L / $33.99
  • Country: Made in China
  • Material: Different materials are listed in two places:
    • Product page- Cotton / Polyester
    • Care label- 70% Cotton / 23% Polyester / 5% Viscose / 2% Spandex
ursime jeans comparison

Expectation: They are VERY different from what I was expecting in terms of overall appearance. These look like two completely different pairs of jeans. The color, wash, fit, etc.

Quality: In my opinion, the quality is bad but wearable. See my Quality Comparison & Rating Chart to know my current quality-rating standards.

Fit: I ordered based on the size guide provided, and it fits about half a size too big. I think sizing down would be a bit too small though. View my Body Measurements for size reference.

Keep or Return: I would return these Ursime jeans.

While I like the urban style and fit, they are not made well. The material feels very thin and rough, the back seam is crooked, and the white splotches on the back are HIDEOUSLY placed. It looks like I sat on a park bench with wet white paint.

2) Retro Three-Quarter-Sleeve Golden Velvet Maxi Dress

  • Color, Size, and Cost: Claret / M / $44.99
  • Country: Unknown
  • Material: The product page states velvet.
ursime dress comparison

Expectation: It is what I was expecting, for the most part, in terms of overall appearance. It seems a bit longer and the color is a bit more of a purple-red in the product image.

Quality: In my opinion, the quality is bad but wearable. See my Quality Comparison & Rating Chart to know my current quality-rating standards.

Fit: I ordered based on the size guide provided, and it fits one size too big. View my Body Measurements for size reference.

Keep or Return: I would return this Ursime dress.

While it feels smooth and comfy, it is cheaply made. The material is very thin, lots of sewing issues including misaligned seams and loose threads, and anytime you take your hands in and out of the pockets, it disfigures the dress and you need to fix it. This is more of a design flaw; this kind of cheap and lightweight material shouldn’t have these pockets.

Shipment Info

I received two items in one package at my address in North Carolina (United States). The package came from a distribution center in the United States. I was provided a tracking number through YunHui Express.

Package Shipped From: 16975 Farmington Rd., Livonia, FL 33152

  • Order placed on Thurs, November 30th
  • Order shipped on Mon, December 11th
  • Order received on Sat, December 23rd

Total time of 23 days

Note: Their shipping policy states up to 27 business days (including processing time) for standard U.S. shipping.

Return & Refund Info

I emailed support ( to request a full return on December 30th. My request was approved seven days later on January 6th, and I was provided with the return address. I mailed the package on January 8th via USPS and paid a total of $6.46.

The refund is pending.

Provided Return Address: 98 Wakefield Ave #3C, Staten Island, NY 10314

If your return is international, I recommend printing out the native language version of the return address. For example, if your return needs to be shipped to China, print out the address written in Chinese characters. Tape it on the package next to the provided English address — per the advice of a USPS worker, doing this can help with delivery on the other side (though it is not mandatory for successful delivery).

If you received the same return address as I did and it is an international address, I have provided it above. Otherwise, it may be worth asking customer service for it.

Support Experience

  • Had to ask for the return address THREE times before they gave it to me. 
  • They alternatively offered me the following refund/return options:
    • Partial refund of $26.79 (40% of the return value) + keep the items
    • Discount code of $36 + keep the items
  • Before giving me the return address, they requested that I send them photos of the size tags (if due to size issues), or defects (if due to quality issues). I sent them images of the size tags.
  • Regarding the delayed items, I canceled them 22 days after placing the order since I didn’t receive a shipment email up until that point. That’s a LONG delay. 

Provided Return Instructions:

  1. Print the attachment and fill in the “reason for return”, and “sign”.
  2. Take a clear photo of the form and then put it into the parcel.
  3. Send the package and take a clear photo of the delivery note and tracking number.

Return Notes:

  • Before returning, please confirm that the product(s) you are returning are in original and intact condition. Item(s) should be put in the original bag(s) that have the product code(s).
  • After sending the package, kindly give us the tracking number and photos you took. They are necessary for processing the refund in our system.
  • The return address is managed by a third-party cooperative company that only handles returns by mail. For any refund inquiries, please direct them to our customer support.

Is Ursime Legit or a Scam?

Similar Sites & Analysis

According to Copyleaks (premium), the below plagiarism is detected:

Reverse Image Search:

I found several of the same products on AliExpress, Shein, and other sites for much cheaper. For example, I found the below shirt for $36.99 on Ursime, and $5.33 on Aliexpress. I highly recommend doing reverse image searches when shopping online to ensure you are not getting ripped off.

ursime aliexpress price comparison

Do I Recommend This Shop?

Based on my experience so far, they are a legitimate shop. I paid for my items, received them within the estimated time frame (except for the delayed items), was approved for a return, and mailed the return package. I am waiting for the refund.

With that being said, I personally would not shop here again.

There are many negatives to point out. Firstly, they talk a lot about sustainability; I think it is all bogus. They specifically mention working with OneTreePlanted. I checked the organization’s list of partners, and Ursime is not listed. Secondly, the clothing is bad quality and the material compositions listed on their product pages don’t match the care labels on the garments. Thirdly, it took over 3 weeks to arrive which is a long time. Fourthly, some of my items were delayed. They STILL hadn’t shipped them even 22 days after I placed the order. And finally, I found many of the same items for much cheaper on other sites.

If I were you, I would skip this one.

To wrap up this review, regardless of my experience, be sure to read as many customer reviews as possible. If you found this post helpful in your search for Ursime reviews, please consider sharing and commenting (via Reddit) below. Have a great day!

– Noelle

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